Black Sheep speaker available to you…
Since it was time to refine the Texas Division Speaker List, and I was deleted as expected, (there’s that pesky freedom of speech thang again!)  I wanted to make sure all camps are aware I am still available.  Though no longer a member of the SCV. 
Recently I developed a presentation on Jackson and the Valley Campaign.  This was originally develoepd for one of the camps in the DFW metroplex and they seemed to really enjoy it.  I have also given at a CWRT and another group. 
Ofcourse, I am still doing presentations previously provided and can provide a program list if you contact me.
If you want a talk about the modern South, the Southern movement, those can also be given. 
I will stay within the parameters given.  Won’t be available in October, on a speaking tour on the east coast.
With Christmas coming up, I have a number of those presentations developed.   New book in final stage, hope to have it out before Christmas, "Southern Fried Ramblings with grits and all the fixins."
Wish you well,  God Bless the South,
Mark Vogl