Speak Out … Southern and proud


Alabama’s governor and most of the other Southern governors have proclaimed April as Confederate History and Heritage Month. The month has also been recognized by the State Board of Education as Confederate History and Heritage Month.

So, you would think radical journalists such as Ben Windham (April 29 column, “Has the South really left the past behind?”) would just let us celebrate our heritage in piece. People such as Windham will never understand as William Faulkner said in “Absalom, Absalom:” “We are Southern. Hate us if you must but you can never make us hate ourselves and I hope, profoundly, that you will stop trying to make us hate each other. Our journey to get to where we are was difficult and I for one have no desire to repeat it. I certainly will not forget that journey, the lessons learned on the way, or dismiss it by destroying the symbols of that odyssey.”

Our Confederate battle flag is our most important symbol of our Southern odyssey. The design, taken from the Saint Andrews Cross of Scotland, is the second most popular flag in the world, second only to Old Glory. It is flown as a symbol of liberty in many countries even today.

No doubt, given the opportunity to vote on the issue, the people of Alabama would, just as their brothers and sisters in Mississippi did, fly the battle flag over our Capitol.

Don’t try to destroy our heritage by destroying our symbols or corrupting the minds of our children. Our so-called history books teach our children what a fine man Abraham Lincoln was. False! Lincoln ran roughshod over the U.S. Constitution, but thank God, he was never Alabama’s president. He was inaugurated after Alabama seceded and was dead before Alabama re-entered the Union. Hurrah for Jefferson Davis, our president.

Teach our children the truth, don’t try to change history or our proud heritage. If you can’t say something good, say nothing.

Jimmy Tucker
Commander, Gen. George “Tige” Anderson Camp No. 453
Sons of Confederate Veterans