SW.Ga. Proclamation

From: jkingantiquearms@bellsouth.net
Date: April 24, 2008


Once again the racist and historically ignorant Albany Georgia mayor and a majority of the city council has refused to issue a proclamation recognizing April as Confederate History and Heritage Month. And once again we have issued our own SCV proclamation and had it printed as a 1/2 page color ad in the Albany Herald newspaper for the public to read. Maybe it’s just as well. I did not have to be concerned about political correctness when I wrote this proclamation and I stated the facts without mincing any of the wording. The color ad had the Confederate flags-Bonnie Blue-1st National-2nd National across the top of the ad and in color on the bottom was the 3rd National-Battle Flag-Lee Headquarters Flag-Georgia 1956 Flag. All had captions below the flags identifying them. The ad gave the location (Confederate Memorial Park) and time (Sat. April 26 9:30AM-Albany Georgia) of the Southwest Georgia Confederate Memorial Service and featured t he Proclamation which is posted below. In addition we (the 9th Brigade SCV Camps of Southwest Georgia) ran 40 paid 30 second radio spots Mon. thru Fri.(8 per day) this week announcing the service and inviting the public. Each spot began with the 1st verse of "Dixie".

Posted below is the proclamation.

James W. King
Past Commander SCV Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia

Confederate History & Heritage Month April 2008 Proclamation

WHEREAS, America is a nation of people united by a common history of individual heritage and diverse cultures and Southwest Georgia is rich in history of the War Between the States; and

WHEREAS, The State of Georgia has long cherished her Confederate history and the great leaders, soldiers, and civilians who made sacrifices on behalf of the Confederate cause, and

WHEREAS, The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is dedicated to honoring on a statewide basis those who served in the Confederate States of America and educating the general public on Confederate history; and

WHEREAS, The Confederate States of America constitutionally, legally, and honorably seceded from the Union with the United States of America and fought a four year war 1861-1865 for the cause of achieving Southern Independence; and

WHEREAS, The Confederate States of America was a classical civilization with a fine military, politics with superior statesmen, colleges and universities, art and literature, and classical architecture; and

WHEREAS, The Flag of the Confederate States of America represents the principles and values established by America’s Founding Fathers who were primarily Southern gentlemen from Virginia: Constitutional Limited Federal Government, States Rights, Resistance to Government Tyranny and Christian Values and Principles; and

WHEREAS, The residents of Southwest Georgia have a noble lineage in their Confederate anc estors who honorably and heroically took up arms to secure liberty for their country, the Confederate States of America, and in defense of and protection for their homes and families against the invading armies of the United States of America; and

WHEREAS, The men of Southwest Georgia served in the armies of the Confederate States of America with valor, many paying the ultimate sacrifice of dying on behalf of the Confederate cause; and

WHEREAS, Confederate Memorial Day has been celebrated in Southwest Georgia for 142 years; and

WHEREAS, The month of April bears special significance since it marks both the beginning and the ending of the War Between the States, now

THEREFORE: We, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, do hereby proclaim April 2008 as “Confederate History and Heritage Month” in Southwest Georgia and encourage all residents to increase their knowledge of the role played by Southwest Georgia and the State of Georgia in the Confederate Sta tes of America and in The United States of America.