By Kirk D. Lyons
Libertarian Senator Rand Paul has done the inevitable: he has sacked his aide Jack Hunter, aka the Southern Avenger, after the liberal media (now there’s an oxymoron)  began baying for Hunter’s blood 2 weeks ago. Hunter’s crime, for a crime it was, was that a few of his incisive you-tube essays as the masked "Southern Avenger" criticised Abraham Lincoln, praised John Wilkes Booth and acknowledged the justness of secession. Hounded for this blasphemy and his past membership in the Morris Dees condemned League of the South, the media jackals, with cries of "racist," "racist," "white supremacist," Hunters boss did the stupid-party-inevitable and sacked his aide. Of course Hunter had already back-pedalled for all he was worth, coming just short of winning the Senator Trent Lott public ritual political suicide award for bleating "I’m not a racist – please, please believe me." Hunter didn’t use those actual words – but that was his message to the press, in a pathetic bid to keep his job – that and asking folks to help him erase his past internet posts.
The real bogey man in all of this is Rand Paul, who, assuming Hunter didn’t do something really bad – like keeping a string of child mistresses or selling smack, should have stood by his aide and told the press to, as the British put it, "Bloody well bugger off."
By accepting Hunter’s resignation, Paul tacitly accepted the media smear of his aide – which weakens Paul and strengthen his many enemies in the press, all while alienating himself from his core constituency. Paul may think he can sneak himself into GOP respectability – if he really thinks that he is already one of them or a complete idiot- there is not a 3rd choice.
The left has made it clear that people who hold traditional Southern views on history are "racist white supremacists" and not fit to be employees of public officials. Unless we affirm the path of the USSA Politburo we are not possessed of any rights our leaders are bound to respect – including having divergent views on an historical figure. If that is not 2nd class citizenship for people like us – I will mail you my "Little Red Book."
The traditional South continues to be marginalized by the left and with the support of so-called conservatives, pushed farther & farther to the fringe – while our own "leaders" betray us. The Confederate community desperately needs to organize, politically,  for its own interests –  conventional politicians will talk nice then betray Southern voters. How long will the traditional South put up with this oldest of shell games?
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