Southern Victories in a Northern School’s 5th Grade Project
Chuck and All,
I hope you and your readers get a bit of enjoyment from this “escape” from the serious issues of the world, and just take time to have a moment of fun!
A couple weeks back, I was contacted by a neighbor of ours, asking if I could make “one of those old-timey dresses” for his daughter’s 5th Grade school project.  Time was limited, so I offered to loan him one of Mayme’s long out-grown hand me downs.  The daughter was “auditioning” for the role of Varina Davis, to be ultimately portrayed in a live wax museum setting.  The project involved the whole fifth grade class, with three students vying for each coveted role.  Auditions were judged not only on wardrobe, but also on how well they presented their “characters”.  Both South and north were to be equally represented.
I rounded up a ball gown I’d made for Mayme a few years back, and a cotton day dress, and headed to the neighbor’s house so the daughter could choose her gown.  I suggested the nicer velvet and satin ballgown was more befitting the First Lady, and the little girl heartily agreed.  The girl’s mother then asked if her niece might borrow the day dress, as she was hoping to get the Belle Boyd role.  Of course I agreed, and ran back home to gather up petticoats and accessories for my two Southern belles.
A few days later, while doing a fitting on a prom dress, I was approached by the teenager’s little sister, and informed that she “was Rose O’Neal Greenhow”.  She flat spewed facts about this most famous Confederate spy.  She, of course, was in need of a dress for the same 5th Grade project.  So once again, I headed home, gathered up skirts, hoops and such, to transform an 11-year-old into yet another famous Southern woman.
Now with my three girls ready for auditions, and the prom dress altered, I’m thinking I’m home free for a while.  But then I receive a call at the office where I work, and was asked if I could transform a man’s suit into Robert E. Lee’s uniform.  This was but three days before try-outs.  But, with the most appreciated help of my husband T, we completed the uniform in one evening, and our rendition of Marse Robert looked stunning!
I waited anxiously on Friday to hear word of how “our” kids did in the auditions, and finally the calls started coming in.  One by one, I learned that all four of the 5th Graders we assisted made it into the wax museum!  It will be held this Thursday evening, in conjunction with the band and chorus Spring Concert.  T and I will go to the event, and show warm Dixie pride in these young people, who were so happy to be vying for, and winning, Southern roles in this school event, so far behind enemy lines.
Warmest Confederate Regards,
Pamela Warren
Behind Enemy Lines Clothiers