Southern Unity
United We Stand
OK, I’ve gone and done it again…. created another group on Yahoo.  But before you yawn and dismiss this one as just another Southern group, there’s something I want you to think about.
In the wide diversification of Southern groups and organizations that we currently have on the Southern heritage landscape, there is a common theme that repeatedly presents itself in regards to purpose and that is the preservation of our culture and way of life.  When one considers the immensity of the onslaught against our heritage, there is little that any single one of these groups or organizations could do to turn the tide of liberal elitist aggression.  However, if all of these various Southern groups and organizations were to unite with each other under a single banner, then we could create a force that could be reckoned with.
And that is the purpose that I have had in mind in creating Southern Unity, a Yahoo group that is open to the discussion of ideas that will serve to unite all Southern people in defending themselves against the culture war that is being waged against them.  From these ideas and discussion it is hoped that a strong, unified Southern force will be created, one that our adversaries will have to reckon with.
Will you join me in this effort?
For a free South,
K. Steven Monk
Moderator, Southern Unity

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