Southern traitors?
Re: All Confederate soldiers were traitors, not heroes
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Mr. Warnke  made the statement that we should not let opinions get in the way of facts. I completely agree but not for the same reasons. Fact: The Southern states involved had left the "voluntary" union of the United States and formed their own legal government of confederated states. So the Soldiers, Sailors & Marines in service to the Confederate Sates of America were patriots serving their own legally elected government. This being the case, these same men could not be considered traitors to the U.S.A. if they were no longer citizens of that country.
The Southern states were within their legal rights under the Constitution to leave this union and form their own government. With all of these FACTS in mind, how does one come to the conclusion that men, who are not citizens of the United States, can be traitors to the United States?

Now, no matter ones own political views, any American patriot who faithfully and honorably served his or her country in time of war or peace deserves our respect. These Southern patriots faithfully and honorably served THEIR country 150 years. To call these patriots "traitors" is morally horrendous and , in my OPINION, reveals a deep seated character flaw.
I personally am proud of the service of my ancestor (2ND Florida Cavalry) and, Mr. Warnke I imagine that your ancestor is as proud of you as you are of him.