This section profiles the South itself; the people, the traditions, the events.

‘Good Ol Boys’ Love Their Mamas, Trucks, and TVs
"Here’s some wisdom about good ol’ boys that every woman should know, particularly the young ones who should learn it now rather than find out the hard way."

Can The South Survive?
It was often said that the South would rise again, but a more appropriate question for today is, "Can the South survive as a distinct region and culture?"

Author Has A New Book Out
"People, I think, look to Southerners for our sense of home and sense of place. You come down South and you know you are going to get a lot of hospitality. I think the South is a comfort zone."

Southern Belles Are Still Around In Chilton
I don’t know if it is the glowing skin from years in the sun at the river or just the extra special care parents give their daughters, like the care a peach farmer gives to his prize winning peaches, that makes a southern belle.

South’s Impact Grows, Has Impact On Nation
People are flocking to the South to live, choosing Southern life over non-Southern life while the percentage of Southerners who leave is tiny in comparison.

Running Out Of Food Is No Option In The South
In the South, particularly to our women, food is more than a mere means to survival. It is a strong means toward our identity and the anchor that firmly secures our renowned hospitality.

Mama T’s Legacy Is Lucy the Southern Lady
"My Grandmother, God rest her soul, defined herself a southern lady. I really should capitalize the "S" in southern and "L" in lady, because she’ll roll over in her grave when she finds that I didn’t.

Never Feeling Full Is Root Of Unhappiness
"Give careful thought to your ways. You have planted much, but have harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill….."

Holiday Gift Giving Need Not Be Costly Or Chaotic
Holiday gift giving seems to get more complicated each year. Many go to great lengths to find special or unusual presents.

Respect And Pride Ride With Funeral Processions
Pulling over for funeral processions is a purely Southern tradition. Other regions don’t do it, nor, as far as I can tell, do they want to do it.

Southern Women Take Pride In Their Crown
How a Southern lady’s hair looks ranks high in importance on their list of priorities.

Whatever Happened To Wearing Your Sunday’s Best?
Whatever happened to Sunday clothes? Whatever happened to dresses and suits reserved exclusively for church, funerals and weddings?

Special Occasions Don’t Have To Be Planned Ahead
This is a story that proves special occasions aren’t always divinely delivered. Sometimes, they have to be created.

Those Who Teach Make It Easier For All Of Us
Every decent diva, southern or not, has at least one good mentor.

Southern Belle Resists The Advances Of A Modern World
The Southern novel is still alive and kicking. The genre is being given its due with "The Garden Angel."

Back Yard Is Just The Spot
Who wouldn’t want to be out in the yard working? Unfortunately some folks can’t garden like they want to.

State Of Mind
Out-of-state students find themselves relocated geographically, culturally.

All The Really Good Stuff – Food, Music And Women – Is From The South
One man’s view on why the South is without question the premier area of our nation.