Dear SHNV Friends,
Some of our Southern reflections and sentiments are not so easy to handle. Some require reflective, insightful and analytic thinking to make our future better than our post-bellum past.
FBI CONFEDERATE ARTEFACT RECOVERIES ~ Late at night in a top secret operation an FBI agent drained down an already shallow city lake in Guilford County, North Carolina in order to recover Confederate cannons placed there for use at a future time at the end of the war. When the war was over the Southern States had no intention of remaining in the union of States. Guilford County was a Supply Depot and staging area for the Confederate military during their resistance to the USA invasion of their country. Several cannons were easily removed before sunrise. The FBI agent who revealed this stated that this was his private operation and that it was not done by the authority of government orders. I reserve judgment on whether or not to believe parts of this story, but I have absolutely no reason to doubt his rendition of the events. This story came directly from a full-time FBI agent. The Southern people and property have long been targeted and infiltrated by secret FBI agents, operatives, informants and operations. Spying on Southerner’s and their communications is not new.
Southerners now have over 1,100 separate heritage and history organizations and many of these are objects of special interest to the overly paranoid and confident USA establishment. The totalitarian establishment of the USA, in my judgment, has nothing fear from Southern organizations.
The largest Southern organization that actually acts on its beliefs and sentiments has been the KKK, the UKA, and 30 other similar groups who have been heavily infiltrated by agents of the USA for almost 150 years. These government agents personally performed many of the violent acts attributed to these Southern groups. Sadly these 30+ groups were formed in support of what is called American or Yankee Nativism which was a New England Yankee cultural manifestation. During U.S. Occupation of the Southern States 1865-1877 their beliefs were made into law and forced on the Southern people by their occupying military commanders and the illegally elected new State puppet governments. The lesser educated Southerner’s during these 12 years of military occupation and dictatorship were looking for straws to give them some home; hence, their yankee occupiers fanned the flames of their frustration.
Yankee Nativism arose out of New England’s Puritanism and was 1) anti Roman Catholic, 2) anti Jew and 3) anti all non-white people. As much as northerner’s may hate the fact the formation of the ideas and concepts of the KKK, the UKA and other such groups was part of the yankeefication of the USA during the years following the war. This explains why the KKK was so popular in Oregon, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, etc. The Southern KKK was ordered disbanded in 1868 by their own leaders under the direction of CSA General N.B. Forest. 
Today Southerners have been unable to unite their conceptions or their organizations. They pose no immediate threat to the status quo of the U.S. totalitarian establishment.  I see two main reasons for the weak construct of Southern groups. The FIRST REASON involves the heavy infiltration of these organizations by government agents, operatives and informants who have a laundry list M.O’s. used to discredit, delegitimize or otherwise weaken or prevent their key goals from becoming realized. The list of "dirty tricks" is as successful as it is heart breaking in its execution.
The SECOND REASON is the complete success of the "American (not just Southern) Pogrom of Reconstruction" following the war that was executed in order to establish a new nation/empire in the place of the previous American republic. My words are carefully chosen here. Most Southerners are so thoroughly "reconstructed" that they do not believe they are reconstructed. Interesting that New Yorkers have always been proud of their "Empire" State Building.
The republic died in 1861 and was buried in 1865. The New American Order of governance has been and continues to be bogusly justified by the establishment into law through a post-bellum Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that was never constitutionally ratified, the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment was declared law even though it was never legally ratified. That never bothered the people of New England who enjoyed burning copies of the Constitution of the USA in the streets of their larger cities.
In spite of the sentimentality expressed by many Southerner’s and some of their groups like the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the officer’s corp called the Military Order of the Stars and Bars none of them purport to be a Southern movement. They remain more of an emotional pusillanimous outlet for Southern Confederate sentiment and pride about their ancestors, their Confederate symbols and flags and the noble and brave manliness of their ancestors opposition to tyranny.
These three organizations take pride in purporting these sentiments and pledge to their death to support in every way what their ancestors resisted unto death. They want no part in secession, in reestablishing home rule in their individual States or in reestablishing sovereignty, State Rights or independence in their home States. AND they take a great deal of pride in pledging their affections, their own lives and the lives of their children and their fortunes to the preservation and defence of the United States of America. This is why the volunteer U.S. military is filled with a disproportionate number of Southern people.
Their level of sentimentality represents the evisceration of Southern and Cavalier manhood and the complete surrender of their heritage with its morals, values and culture to a secular centralized state. Lip service to sentimental views is not the sturdy conviction of their ancestors. I wish I were wrong about this, but it appears that the communistic USA of today has nothing to fear from today’s South. They prefer to be the "Obedient Servant(s)" of the state central government rather than to be like their ancestors who viewed themselves as "Obedient Servants to God."
Tim D. Manning
Executive Director
Southern Partisan Reader and
North Carolina Heritage Foundation
(336) 420-5355