Why Southern pride must die

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If you’ve ever wondered what stokes anti-Southern hatred, here’s a short but powerful explanation. It’s from The Big Box Swindle, a book I’ve previously mentioned. Here, this eye-opening expose of the hidden costs of the megachains analyzes how local small businesses and citizens successfully prevent the big boxes from sucking the life out of their downtowns:

Today, who prevails in a big-box fight often hinges on how local residents conceive of themselves. Opponents of these projects appeal to people’s broad sense of being citizens and stewards of their community, which is why they often choose names like "Our Town." Chain retailers, on the other hand, win by getting people to assume the narrow role of consumer and to see the issue as simply a matter of shopping options. Although dominant today, this consumer identity is a relatively recent invention; it only became a powerful force in American politics in the years after World War II. p. 205

Isn’t that exactly why Southerners are targeted by the multicult/globalists?

Leftist ideologues despise our devotion to the Southern tradition, whose resistance to big government stands in the way of their dreams of reconstructing the world into a socialist paradise. And the globalist corporations see local traditions and cultures as speed bumps on the road that leads to the maximization of profit. As Daniel Larison has noted:

Finally, vital differences among individuals are effaced. For the economist, all human beings are alike, not of course because they have some higher calling in common but because they all rationally pursued objectives that are equally irrational. Homo economicus is cold, rational, and utilitarian; he is gifted in calculating but empty of substance. Human beings are indistinguishable in their way of being; they can only be distinguished by their incomes, their levels of consumption or productivity. Here, everything that Peguy loves, all that he celebrates–good manners and morals, fine workmanship, beautiful language, simple joys, bonds of the flesh, the honor of the poor, the genius of Homer–none of this has any meaning. We are indeed in the world of equality by default.

That’s the kind of equality both leftist and corporate levellers yearn for, and that’s why both praise and feed from multiculturalism. It’s no wonder, then, that both target Southerners.

Despite this undeclared war against them, most Southerners remain loyal to a political system controlled by those who are determined to eradicate them as a people. Pat Buchanan has pointed out the absurdity of a relationship characterized by one-sided loyalty on one side, and enmity on the other. Globalist Neocons, says Buchanan, openly despise the very people who supply the muscle and faith they exploit for their own purposes:

Why the Hollywood Left hates Dixie is easy to understand. It is conservative, Christian, traditionalist, hostile to the cultural revolution. But why do the neocons? After all, the folks Krauthammer calls “white trash” are the most reliable conservative voters in America, God-and-country people. They enlist in disproportionate numbers in the military, and die in disproportionate numbers in America’s wars.

The answer is simple: both globalists and the multicult Left share the same goals. Both see the centralization of economic and political power as essential in achieving them. The eradication of historic identity paves the way toward the reconstruction of society and the maximization of profits. While the multicult left propagandizes about universalism and the glorious cause of freeing people from the constraints of history and tradition, big business chimes in with seductive advertising that redefines citizens as interchangeable consumers. Government bureaucracies grow in order to enforce egalitarian ideals, employing and empowering the multicult left. And an ever-expanding big government provides subsidies and favorable legislation to big business.

Understanding this is vital to fighting the most important struggle of our generation. The attack on our identity is an attack on our liberty and prosperity. Instead of preserving our civilization, and striving to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” we are supposed to reconstruct ourselves into a multicultural empire, a supposedly benevolent empire with a big heart and bigger fist, which enables it to serve the world as the militant vanguard of global democracy. But in fact, all empires, from Napoleonic France to the Soviet Union, also saw themselves as benevolent liberators, yet actually tyrannized their native and subject populations. It’s no coincidence that the more “multicultural” the US becomes, the less we defend our traditional freedoms, evidenced by such measures as the PATRIOT Act.

As the most stubbornly distinctive ethnic group in America, Southerners remain the biggest impediment to the multicult/globalist agenda.


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