THE PROMISE of “hope and change” that gulled millions into voting for The Chosen One is ringing hollow. What we have is more of the same: the elites get richer and more powerful while the peons foot the bill. The economy is a mess. We still have war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Constitution is a dead letter. Job losses and under-employment are through the roof. 401 Ks have become 201 Ks in only a few months time. Savings have been wiped out. Inflation looms on the dark horizon. The future looks dim indeed.
But let’s look at the situation from a different angle. While surely painful for most, the collapse we are seeing is the last gasp of the old Yankee empire. That we should celebrate. However, we ought to be wary of what replaces it. As things continue to fall apart, we must make sure that the South that emerges from the rubble is our South. Consequently, we must be about the business of rallying our friends and neighbors to the message of Southern independence. It is a simply sell, really–The ship is sinking and we need to man the lifeboats.
The best means we have of getting out our message are 1) word of mouth and personal contacts; 2) our website,; 3) Ray McBerry’s fine internet radio effort, Dixie Broadcasting; and 4) The Free Magnolia. Please let those with whom you come in contact know about these sources and about the League and its objectives. If you don’t spread the word, then who will?
At present, twenty-one (21) States either have introduced or have pending States Rights Resolutions. Some of these are Southern States. This is an encouraging sign. Let’s help out. We have placed a sample States Rights Resolution template on  for your use. If your State does not have a resolution pending, please download and print it and give it to a member of your State legislature for consideration. To keep abreast of the growing States Rights movement, check out
Our own Georgia State Chairman, Ray McBerry, is running for Governor again. In 2006, with only 90 days to campaign and virtually no funds, Ray got some 50,000 (12% of the total) votes in the Republican primary. This time, he has well over a year to campaign. If you’d like to volunteer to help or to donate funds, please log on to his  website. I love his campaign motto: “Not Atlanta . . . Not Washington . . . But Georgia First!”
Georgia member Mike Crane is making good progress with our “Perpetual Recruiting Machine” project, and we’ll be doing a test run with the current membership this spring. If things work out as planned, it will be an amazing upgrade in our ability to communicate with current and prospective members. If you’d like to donate to this project, send it to us at the League office and note it as “LS Project.”
We still have some copies of the latest issue of The Free Magnolia available at $20.00 per 100 (postpaid). They need to be distributed. If you’re out of stock or you have yet to order copies of this fine issue, do so today. You can order on line at  or directly from the League office at
P. O. Box 760, Killen, Alabama 35645
The 7-DVD set of the 2008 LS National Conference in Chattanooga has sold fairly well thus far. It is extremely well produced and can be ordered for $76.50 from our website. You can also order individual titles for $17.50 each. These speeches are great recruiting tools. Speaking of the LS National Conference, we’ll be announcing plans for the 2009 event in April.
Keep up the fight!
Michael Hill