Southern Numbers
It has been said by those that oppose Southern Independence that the South could not make it on its own. They have said that the South lacks the resources, materials and people in order to compete in a global market. I have long disagreed with this and luckily much of the material needed has been compiled and released. I will place that information here, use it as you see fit.
According to the Encyclopedia of the Stateless Nations (2002) the South is the second most populous stateless nation in the world. The fourteen states of the South have a population of 97,642,808. This is more than Germany, the UK, Italy, Ukraine, Poland and Spain. As an Independent nation the South would rank 12th in the world in population.
The Southern states have a combined GDP of $3.7 Trillion which would give an independent South the fourth largest economy in the world behind the uS, China, and Japan.
The numbers add up that the South could and would make it as an independent nation very capable of competing in the world market and the world economy.
For A Free South!