Dear SHNV Friends,

There are some most excellent folks in the The Southern National Congress, the League of the South (LS) and other Southern heritage and independence movements; yet, they suffer the slings and arrows from some of our own people. The LS has had a powerful influence on many of these movements even though the LS suffered membership losses and interest all around the country immediately following 9-11. LS members are much like other people in other movement in that we are not perfect.

The LS is the braintrust drawn upon by the leaders of many Southern movements and quite likely is, because of its historical knowledge and political insights, the greatest threat to the American empires hegemony that holds a strangling grip on the necks USA and the world. Strangling at the neck stops the blow of blood to the brain which stops serious thinking. Our books like "From Union to Empire", "Defending Dixie", "The South Was Right!", "The Real Lincoln", "Lincoln Reconsidered", etc. are now being read by many (though not enough) of our Southern folks.

The LS is not without its weaknesses, but it is head and shoulders above those moral deadbeats and political hacks in the Republican and Democrat parties. LS leaders, including myself have lived through harassment by the FBI, having our phones and private conversations recorded and reviewed, having our pictures secretly taken by government operatives and agents at LS meetings, and much worse that I will not discuss here.

We are a hardy group who care deeply about our States and the world into which our children and grandchildren are being born. We do not want our descendants strapped with the debt of our generation who seems to lack impulse control, but even more we do not want them to live in an age that is but haunted by some quaint redefined notions of freedom and liberty. Our ancestors died for in an effort to give us a heritage about which we could be proud and support with a Christian conscience and pass on to our children and grandchildren. That heritage is now a ghost of the past for far too many Southerners. We have a life-defining responsibility and obligation to those coming after us.

Our members (SNC, LS, SCV, MOSB, UDC) have been willing to take public stands on critical political issues even when it was to our own personal hurt and when it was wildly unpopular to do so, and when it often has been so difficult to experience in large measure of success in our dedicated efforts. We invest a great deal of thought, time, expense and commitment to projects and activities that much of the American community does not respect and appreciate; yet, we remain reluctant to admit that we desperately need a “country of our own” if “our” culture is to survive and be allow to thrive.

Many of us have lost excellent well-paying professional positions due to our commitment to the restoration of constitutional government in our States and in our country. We remain in our Southern organizations even when constantly targeted by American PC Marxists, because we know with a great degree of certainty that our moral political issues are larger than the personal weaknesses of any of our organizations, leaders and members, and more correct than the feeble visceral appeal of modernity.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
Phone: (336) 420-5355