Southern Movement
To All:
The leadership of all our organizations within the Southern Movement could take a cue from Wayne LaPierre president of the National Rifle Association. Not only does he not back down in the face of our enemies he vigorously confronts & attacks them. Something Southern organizations woefully lack at the top.
While all will give us history lessons on a subject we all know so well, they are not doing enough to defend the little we have left of Southern history heritage & culture. Heritage violations in Memphis, Selma, Stone Mountain & the V.A. Hospital in South Dakota are but a few that comes to mind.
While the Sons of Confederate Veterans charge a yearly due of $55.00 the National Rifle Association only charges $35.00 N.R.A. membership has gone through the roof, at my last count they had gained something like, 600,000 members. Why, reasonable dues but, more importantly the national leaders are actually leading from the front.
Under Obama money is scarce so in the future I will only join those organizations that deliver over matters that affect my life & those of my family members here in the present where we all live.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama