Your recent opinion piece on Southern Icons


Mr. Brenton Kenkel,

I read the column you posted in the UK paper, as it was linked through the SHNV website. I am also aware of your open offer to receive responses from those who may wish to debate the matter with you.

First off, I do not choose to call you a carpetbagger, for if I do, that will foreclose all debate. To resort to ad hominem attack closes minds and certainly fails to advance the matter. That moniker is in my mind, reserved only to those Yankees who swarmed south in 1865, to see just how much they could loot and pillage from the conquered South

Secondly, let me clarify an ongoing problem for many folks who feel that Southern Icons are offensive. That error is the use of the term Stars & Bars, which is normally and incorrectly used by people, including you it seems, who mean the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, a soldier’s flag. The Stars and Bars actually refers to the 1st National flag of the CSA. which was quite similar to the 1st US flag of 1776. Many, if not most of those who condemn the Stars & Bars, do not recognize the actual flag and thus start from a position of error as they mount their attack.

It is the ANV Battle Flag that most Southrons honor, for under that flag their ancestors fought for Southern Independence and it was under that flag that almost a quarter million men gave their lives to win their independence. By the way, I wonder if you know that by an act of Congress, ALL Confederate Veterans were recognized by the US Government, as AMERICAN Veterans. I do not think that the US Government would so recognize as veterans, those who were traitors.

To you, the icons of the South, including the flags, represent slavery and racism. You refer to the 3/5s compromise that was enshrined within the US Constitution, as a stick to whack the South. Since that compromise was accepted by NY, NJ, MA, NH, RI, PA, CT, are they, tarred by your logic, also to be described as racist? Also, please be aware that slavery ended in the South, in May 1865. Slavery ended in the North, in December 1865. By the way, Gen. Robert E. Lee freed all his family’s’ slaves in 1856 while Gen. U.S. Grant freed his family’s slaves, on Dec.31st 1865.

Your comments about restricting whether individuals should place CSA icons on their personal property is not only wrong, but it is chillingly reminiscent of all other authoritarian states who control their population by suppressing their rights. What price the 1st Amendment I wonder, if the exercise of that Amendment’s guaranteed freedoms, are to be restricted by modern, PC thought control, only to selected classes of people?

You asked "Why is it that all those black Southerners who breathe the same air and drink the same water seem not to feel the same way?" To that I would refer you to the recent plebiscite in Mississippi over the issue of whether or not, to keep their state flag which bears upon it, the ANV Battle Flag. The referendum was carried in the positive and the flag remains as it was. The vote to retain the flag was carried due to the fact that over 30% of the black voters elected to keep their flag as it was and is. So far Mr. Kenkel, this vote is the ONLY free referendum where the question has been called and blacks supported the flag in large numbers. How does that fact compute with you?

I think that in the university, you are surrounded only by those who are angry, by those who wish to divide and agitate and by those who insist on having their own way, no matter what the majority feel. Such is the sad reality of PC thought control.

Have you ever had lunch with a partisan of Southern Heritage? Have you ever entered personally, one on one, into dialogue with a philosophically opposed colleague? It is a lot more comfortable when you preach to the choir but that is also intellectually pounding sand.

IMO, the current progressive PC microcosm of the ivory tower of academia, reflects just the opposite of the benefits of a liberal arts university education you honor. Nationwide on most universities, it is not unusual for opinions differing from progressive activism to be howled down, speakers prevented from speaking, literature prevented from being distributed. More egregious though, is the fact that those with opposite opinions are being forced to parrot back to their professors, the professors own opinions. Not to do so, places one in the very real position of suffering bad grades for having the audacity of engaging in independent thought.

Brenton, I appreciate your willingness to enter into debate and hope that you chose to respond to my email.

Deo Vindice,
Philip Gallanders
Lomita, California Republic.