Southern History



I trust a good number of y’all will be contacting Mr. Johnson. As I’ am at work, time prevented a better response from me.



Mr. Johnson

Rather then attempt to educate you regarding what I was taught about American history between the 1840’s and 1880’s, I will simply attempt to ascertain some source information from which you based your thought provoking missive. I truly hope you can document your findings, as this will completely revolutionize my/our view of the War Between the States!

”..and of course it isn’t Nazi iconography that’s causing a ruckus, but the Confederacy’s.” Do you know when or why the Confederacy or more specifically the Battle Flag became the issue which now causes “a ruckus.”

“Some people still say the Civil War was fought over states’ rights, and that’s correct—a state’s right to slavery.”
Although I read your quote of Stephens, taken out of context though it was, are you able to provide a period source document relating to “state’s right to slavery” as being why the war was fought? Although history was only my minor, I was taught that the war was fought for a multitude of issues, slavery being one.

As you articulated the socio-economic standing of Southerners;

“Most people were poor….”
How much poorer were the average Southerner vs. Northerner? Source?

“had no manners…..” Source?

“lived in squalor…..” Source?

“poked around in mud…..” Source?

“drinking……” Source?

“watching their dogs fight…..” Source?

“shooting one another in the back.” Source?

“The Dixie flag……..was never flown during the time the Confederate States of America……”
I really need you to provide a source with this one! How could someone have “Photo Shopped” all those Battle Flags onto those period photos! I can’t believe I never spotted that!

I will wait with baited breath, your source documentation(s). Please be quick about it, as I wouldn’t want to think you are an ill-informed (or lying), anti-southern progressive liberal.

Mike Discher
Battle Creek, MICHIGAN