Southern Heritage

To Mr. Charles Demastus,

I have been receiving periodic emails from your website and I want to let you know that what I think you are doing and what this website is all about, is very patriotic and a wonderful thing. I have lived in Massachusetts all my life, so when the subject of the Civil war is discussed in school and even after, it almost always describes the Confederacy as the side of hate and rebellion. It interested me simply because it was fought by Americans only, so I did intense research and study. I can honestly say that the cause of the war was started by the politicians in the North, and the South had every God given right to defend there land and there rights. All-articles of discussion and controversy would have eventually been solved, and possibly would of been solved by the South. The war happened because of Northern aggression in politics and law, the North were in fact hypocrites, the North introduced slavery to begin with. I respect and honor all those men and women who fought for the South and were inflicted with pain and suffering, especially those innocent Southern civilians affect by what the Sherman march inflicted upon them. I live in the north but I would have gladly and proudly fought for the South during that period knowing what I know now.

This website of yours brings back a meaning of respect for the Southerner and I hope you continue to be successful.

Thomas Scott
Boston Massachusetts