Southern Heritage
The attacks against all things Confederate and a helluvalot that is just simply “Southern” seems to be increasing exponentially. Battles supposedly settled by “compromise” (such as the Confederate monument moved to a library) are once again being waged this time with the intention of completely destroying every symbol until there is nothing left of your heritage but a few books most of which are written by Yankees or their apologists.
I warned when Obama ran that those in the South who could not bring themselves to vote for McCain (no favorite of mine) would soon find themselves besieged at every point and their enemies emboldened to the point of actual physical attacks against them and their heritage. As noted by the actions of a black Councilman in Auburn, Alabama and the shooting of a white youth in Sarasota by a black young man for the insolence of carrying a battle flag and wearing a shirt with that symbol, it would seem that the war is heating up. Meanwhile, the NAACP is openly threatening various agencies and governments in order to make itself into the arbiter of all things “acceptable” to display in Dixie.
Well, it’s too late to undo the election unless God grants us the miracle of Obama’s unconstitutional status being exposed. But the folks down South and their friends elsewhere better be prepared to do some defendin’ and even some attackin’ – in the rhetorical sense, of course. This is a point in our history where apathy and laziness is going to lose us far more than a statue or two.
Valerie Protopapas