Southern Heritage
To All:
Every time I see such violations of Southern heritage as the stealing & wanton destruction of the Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest bust in Selma Alabama by minority groups, I ask myself the following questions about our many Southern heritage groups.
Why are none of them willing to "man up" and sue those groups for violating our civil rights? It makes no sense to keep repairing/replacing our statues, monuments, cemeteries etc. without stopping the cause instead of just continually treating the symptoms.
Since the early 1980`s how many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been collected or donated to our various Southern heritage groups through dues money, charity, projects & from local state representatives?
So, the money is there to fight our enemies in court & much, much more could/should be collected once even one of our organizations made a move & showed it was man enough to confront & fight our enemies. If I were a rich man I would gladly pay such a bill from my own pocket to show our enemies that the Constitutional Rights they claim for themselves also apply to us as well.
Our ancestors were brave enough to take a chance & fight & die for a better future for us so, why don’t any of our organizations have enough guts to fight their enemies in a courtroom? It’s not like we are being asked to join the real military & actually risk life & limb, only to spend a few dollars to stop those who continually cut & slash our history, heritage, culture & all symbols of it causing it to continually bleed until it finally bleeds to death which, it has almost done.
I am proud of our ancestors but sick of the fact that they seem to have produced too many modern-day cowards in matters where it actually counts. Now, my saying this will make some of you mad enough to fight me but, what will it take to make some of you sue the hell out of our enemies making them bleed money to the point that they think twice about attacking us in the future lest it`s their organization that dries up & blows away due to lack of funds?
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama