Southern Heritage PAC
Compatriot McCray,
I watch our numbers and enthusiasm continually slip and slide into oblivion. The last 2 great events where our massed numbers spoke as loud as a Rebel Yell was Columbia and Hunley.
Old age, apathy, complacency, fear, ignorance, etc is just as much our enemy as the media and biased liberals and the leftist hate agenda.
How can you get a positive showing of our own troops at some celebration, ceremony or protest, when members of our own camps refuse to purchase SCV license plates or fly our ancestors’ symbols at their own home?
Heck man, our own folks refuse to press charges against those who desecrate our symbols and violate our ancestors’ graves, have cancelled traditional Lee Day parades, had removal of the 56 flag from the Museum of the Confederacy, told others not to make a stand against those who desecrate our ancestors and our symbols, and wanted to cover the Carving on Stone Mtn so as not to offend visitors during the Olympics.
These people are a detriment to our Heritage and in our way. They make better enemies than friends.
As for a SHPAC, I would recommend getting with Mike Crane and check out the SHPAC already set up here
Thanks & God Bless
Billy Bearden
Southern Heritage Activist