Re: Southern Heritage
I concur with Billy on this one folks.  Regarding Southern Heritage was simpler back in the days when there were still Confederate Veterans to be honored and regarded; their children are all that is left of them and to us the charge has been given to maintain the memory as they pass away.  Reenactors keep their images flowing freely as the public drinks from the cups of antiquity, but even those are disappearing.  We have the God given right to feel pride, as we should; we are also obligated to feel shame and we should that as well.
Lincoln was a liar and those who followed were liars as well.  When I teach students in my English class that all that is politically correct is not truth, I am met with a great deal of apathetic ignorance.  Who is to blame?  We all are.
I wear my shame and stand with Billy on this one folks.  You little ones pair up and you big one come own.  The fight is up to us.
Kermit Lee Albritton
Son of a Confederate Veteran