Southern heritage
Hey, Chuck,
This is my reply to the Tampa Tribune Southern Heritage story you listed:
"As a former resident of Davis Island, what a delight it was to read Brenda Heigl’s comments regarding another’s uneducated post.  I see more uneducated posts here.
Most people do not know that Abraham Lincoln first offered the headship of the Union Army to Robert E. Lee, and that Lee turned him down, due to Lee’s belief in state sovereignty and his being a native of Virginia.  Doing the right thing both honorably and militarily ran in Lee’s family, him being a direct descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
For the first two years of the War of Northern Aggression, the North fared poorly.  Thus, Lincoln dreamed up the convoluted ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ to attempt to regain Northern support from both the residents and Northern Industrialists.  Most people don’t know that the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free a single slave, anywhere!  It was done as a political war measure to try to bolster relationships with foreign nations which were considering recognition of the Confederacy.
There actually did not need to be a war,  but Lincoln took it upon himself to unconstitutionally commit to the most violent war in the history of North America, costing the lives of some 650,000 men, women and children.
The war was about Lincoln’s tariff on Southern imports and exports, as he famously is quoted, "What about MY tariff?"  Most people do not know that the U.S. Treasury was 75% to 90% filled by these tariffs, and was primarily used for domestic improvements in Northern cities.  Southern states grew weary of this incessant taxation, with so little of the U.S. Treasury funds being spent in Southern states. The War was primarily about money . . . Southern money that Northerners wanted . . . and which they ultimately got in the rape and pillage of
the South both during the War and during that 10-year period of time called ‘Reconstruction’.
After all these years, the Yankees are having a difficult time still keeping these facts under wraps!"