Southern Defence Centers

Dear Mr. Brown ahd SHNV Readers,
Thank you for your supportive notes. I believe establishing these memorial Southern defence centers is the right thing to do and it will take a major benefactor(s) to get it moving. 
American socialists, our ever derascinating enemy, have had access to major government funding as well as private sources that were fronts for financial help in political reform of the U.S. government. The usual suspects for societal reconstruction and reform are not so readily available to Christians and conservative Southenrers. We have not begun to develop public thinking in this way. Up to this point, our pockets are few and not very deep. 
Part of the reason is that the South has, since the war, been the victim of reconstruction (meaning reindoctrination).  This reconstruction was not the rebuilding of Southern industry and infrastructure but it has been in the politically acceptable forms of subjugation and indoctrination to the socialization and derascination of our Christian Southern culture. Americans have become more and more dependent on their government for "solutions" to their problems . . . and these solutions usually "break" more than they fix.
The development of these Southern defence centers is a "natural" and reasonable beginning for a solution to the high degree of prejudice we exercised against us.  The attacks on the South, our people and our Christian culture, increase in occurrence and severity every year as the public’s awareness of our views grows dimmer with each passing day.
I greatly appeciate Chuck at SHNV posting my note. I did it with the hope that I may plant this vision in the minds of others who might help lead me to find and develop the kind of sources that would be willing to get the ball rolling with enough seed money to establish a non-profit foundation that could accomplish the establishment of the first center.  The more I have thought about it I have become more certain that the Gettysburg Battlefield should become the first National Park to be challenged by our presence.
Sons of Confederate Veterans for whom I served as Virginia Division Chaplain for 5 years, the Military Order of the Stars and Bars for whom I served as the Virginia State Chaplain for another 6 years and the United Daughters of the Confederacy are the natural centers from which this project should have been born after the war was over.  But, these organizations have become so reconstructed that it is unlikely they will initiate such a major project unless there is at least one such center on line and operating.  This project will ultimately take millions of dollars to develop.
If you have any suggestions please contact me.
Tim D. Manning, Sr.
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation
Southern Patriot Shop (Cayce, SC)