Southern Defamation
One only needs a sampling of the rhetoric in the media to readily understand the level of hatred in America against Southern citizens who are unashamed of the efforts of their ancestors who sacrificed for the Confederacy. It is understood by Southerners who are proud of the duty given by their ancestors, that they are judged by the mainstream as every vile object in the vocabulary. Every culture in existence on Planet Earth is given the opportunity to honor their heritage and culture under the protection of Federal law in America, with the exception of its own Southern citizens. All types of lifestyles and deviant practices are given acceptance and protection by Constitutional law, except those Southern bred people daring to commemorate the noble effort of their forbearers. The time is long overdue that Southern citizens be given the same protection from those who despise us that all other segments of American society enjoy. We should be defended against those who would self determine our motives and thoughts concerning our honored dead. We should not be forced to adhere to unjust regulations concerning the burial sites and notable places where our history was forged. Those who attach untruths to us, such as the accusation our agendas are racist, should be under penalty as much as the defamation of any other group in America would be. The attachment of intentional misconceptions to our colors should be cause for suit for damages in the courts. It is our right to hold our heritage in high regard and perversion of our history must be addressed under the same Constitutional protection as all other groups in this nation. To allow any opposition to our endeavors to preserve our history is nothing sort of judicial malpractice. We, as Southern citizens, demand our culture and heritage enjoy the same rule of diversity as all other citizens.

The practice of Southern defamation should be address by Congress should no other compromise be made to end the vilification of our heritage. The truth we cling to is not the dark story attributed to our ancestors by our detractors and any who would disseminate untruths concerning our history should be silenced under the rule of law. We have been under attack by the hate driven, anti Southern, extremists far too long and justice has turned it’s head refusing to hear our pleas for equality. It is beyond all reason why those factions seek our demise as we do not seek theirs. Without reason and understanding for the attacks , we have fought to claim our right to exist and honor our forefathers. We see the erosion of our heritage thru unchecked barrages of false claims allowed to be heap upon our backs. Our enemies have been given free reign to distort our intentions concerning our ancestors sacrifice. To permit the eradication of any history is nothing less than a criminal act against humanity and should be dealt with as such. Southerners have the right to exercise acts of remembrance within the bounds of civility and law without interference from any faction in society. We, as Southern citizens, must challenge our representatives to insure we are given equal protection under the law to stop the tide of anti Southern fanatics who would deny us the same rights every other American freely enjoys. Write your Senators and Congressmen and demand an end to Southern Heritage defamation.