Southern Calendar
Hi All,
A special thank you to all who have so far contributed their ideas to the Southern Calendar project. Your ideas have been helpful in setting up the creation and character of the calendar. I want this truly to be a calendar of, for, and by Southern/Confederate people and those trapped up in Yankee-land who love us and are with us in heart.
I was given a suggestion to add pictures of modern times, such as SCV camps in full regalia honoring our ancestors, the upcoming 2nd Southern National Congress, etc. to the Calendar. That’s not a bad idea at all. If you have any events that you have photo’s of you’d like to contribute to this project, please pass them along. I’d be happy to consider them!
Also, I haven’t heard from anyone who has a definite event date for next year yet. If you have one, please send it and if we add it, we’ll add it for FREE! I’ll even extend the deadline to October if I need to. (I don’t want to put it out too late! This will, I hope, make a great Christmas gift…)
Thanks again to all who have helped. For the rest of you, don’t hesitate to offer suggestions. It won’t cost anything for you to say something like I’d like to see So-and-So’s birthday on the Calendar!
Matt McCune