From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: Wed, Apr 3, 2013
To: siegels1 <>

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Several young Black folks would surround me yesterday in what is called the Black Historic District that is no more in the City of Asheville. And as is usual these days, the subject of the Confederate Flag, and my relationship with the Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons, would ensue. I was told about a story that had been written a couple of weeks ago by Kirk D. in the local news paper (Asheville Citizen Times), and that he had championed our relationship in that article.
I would tell these babies about my plans to sue the United States Congress, with the help of Kirk D., over their complicity in the denigration of the Southern Cross. A symbol that had been so deemed a venerated symbol by their very own body. James would repeat what I have heard many times in these past days. "The Stars and Stripes should come under the very same scrutiny that the other American Flag now finds itself under, and it was insulting to the intelligence of Black folks to brand the Confederate Battle Flag as the flag of slavery since it was the Stars and Stripes that ushered the institution in."  And furthermore, he said, as most of those gathered seemed to agree, that the NAACP with its communist associates had their own agenda, just like their agenda against the Honorable Marcus Garvey; very little had to do with the helping of the common man on the street.
They went on to say that the Stars and Stripes had been hijacked by the North from the very men of the South who embraced it as their own during the War Between the States, and that it was as complicit in the economic institution of slavery as the Flag of England, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, and so many more countries who openly participated in the slave trade to include the flags of Africa. Brenda, the lone lady present, went on to say that she was tired of people and organizations like the Democrat Party assuming that they like the NAACP speak for all the Black people in this land while they enrich themselves and leave the people to suffer for their actions that is no different than what they did during Reconstruction. She went on to say that most of the civil rights legislation in this country was sponsored by the Republican Party, and that women and ethnic minorities owe past President Richard Nixon, a great debt to those ends. And that because of Lincoln’s thugs in the Radical Republican Party leaving the South after they had undone most of the good will that had been forged between the Africans and the Whites in the South is the sole reason that Blacks turned to the Democrat Party for more subjugation of a different kind. Hell yes, give us a new flag, or leave the Confederate Battle Flag alone.
I hope that when folks began to read this that they don’t kill the messenger because I shall follow this theme of theirs as they asked that I would in the coming days not only in the proposed lawsuit, but also in my transcript. God bless you.

Your brother,