The organization formerly known as "The Southern Baptist Association" has now changed its name to the "Great Commission Baptists". It does not bother me at all that they elected a black man to head their organization. If he is qualified, so be it. It is none of my business anyway.
However, the name change is clearly born out of political correctness. After a century and a half Southerners are well aware of the revulsion that most of the world holds for all things pertaining to the South.  We do not care.  What does disturb us are Southern-born people who seem so ashamed of their heritage that they will give it up without a fight – even gladly, upon request.   They are, of all people, the most reprehensible for the steady erosion of the distinction of Southern character, pride and rights that we still cling to. 
This move by the Baptists seems to equate being called Southern or having any association with that region as being a conviction of racism. It may be well that they have changed their name and given up the appellation of "Southern". If they are not proud of it, they do not deserve it.
John Wayne Dobson
Macon, GA