Southern Baptists


Brother Chuck:

I read with much concern the letter/opinion piece by the Dixie Col. and wanted to clarify an important distinction. The Southern Baptist Convention did not change the name of the Southern Baptist convention.  There was no formal vote on changing the name because there was not enough votes to get the name changed. Of course the enemies of everything Southern did begin to slowly remove the word Southern from the name by allowing Churches who chose to, to identify themselves as "Great Commission Baptist". Bold print below is the official record of this gradual erasing of the word Southern by allowing Churches to identify themselves by another title.

Passage of the descriptor "Great Commission Baptists" also was momentous, although the vote total was closer than some had expected.  The proposal came via a recommendation from the Executive Committee,
which had proposed it after a task force — appointed by Wright — studied whether to change the name of the convention. In the end, the task force recommended the convention keep its name but also adopt a descriptor, "Great Commission Baptists," that can be used by any church. Usage is voluntary.

Messengers debated the descriptor for about a half-hour before approving it, 53-46 percent.

The task force said the descriptor would be beneficial to churches and church planters outside the South — some planters say the convention’s regional name is a barrier — as well as to ethnic
churches whose members might view the name "Southern Baptist" negatively.

You can be sure that the name Southern will be gone in 10 years or less, I just pray that enough Southern "Southern Baptist" Churches will split off from those who so hate everything Southern, and we can still have our denomination for the rest of our Grandchildren’s lives.

Dr. William H. Swann
Pastor Emeritus
Living Waters Ministries