Dear Dusty,


You have summed it up fairly well.

My Southern Brother’s & Sister’s are often asked how The Confederate Society of America, a stalwart Southern Nationalist Organization, has a ‘Northerner’ for their president?

Well sir, nearly 10 years ago while sitting in my living room I saw a group of ‘people’ burning a Confederate Flag. That was the last straw for me!

What I saw going up in flames was not a Southern flag, but our American History.
I saw my history being stripped from me right before my very eyes.

More importantly, by that ‘ilk’ of itinerants who have contributed little & sacrificed nothing but have become the icons of the Special Interest Groups!

I knew that if I did not get involved the time would soon come when all else that we hold held near & dear would also be obliterated in the same manner. Either through a continuance of lies & manipulated distortion….or through the attempted Genocide we are witnessing today directed towards anything & everything Southern!

I ultimately found my way to a man in Texas by the name of Dave Martin, one of the co-founders of The Confederate Society of America. He, a native Texan, along with Jim Bitzer, a Northerner, had the wisdom & foresight to see & understand that which was coming at us faster than a bullet….thus, they created & formed The Confederate Society of America in June, 1992, the first Southern Nationalist Organization of it’s kind.

I joined the CSA as a member and consequently established the General Nathan Bedford Forrest Chapter of the CSA in New York. Ultimately, I became the organization’s vice-president and then their president.

Dave & Jim are gone now, having crossed over the river into God’s care.

I am proud to call the people I have met along the way not only friends, but Brother’s & Sister’s alike. As such, we have all attended many events over these year’s becoming even closer & developing a bond that will never be broken.

I had one of my senior member’s tell me a few year’s back, a hard-core native Louisianian that he would follow me down the mouth of a cannon. There is no greater compliment of allegiance than that – coming from one man to another.

It was a great day for me when I became associated with Ken Ashford & his wife Jeannie.

Another senior member of my organization, a hard-core native North Carolinian told me that he is proud to call me Brother. What is there to be said of that? It doesn’t get any better nor more personal than that.

That was yet another great day for me when I became associated with Charles Saunders & his wife Carolyn.

There may be few rewards that we may come to realize in our rightful quest for Independence & Sovereignty. But one is reminded of why we do the things we do when God allows us to meet & bond with such wonderful people such as these.

These are but two. There are many more. And these are the types of folk’s that would give you the shirts off their backs when they had none to spare!

And these are the same folks who our enemies refer to as ‘Crackers’, ‘Rednecks’, ‘Trailer Types’ & all those stereo-typical & hateful names that we have had to live with. Well sir, I guess I am one of them. Because I can identify with them and, more importantly, I AM PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH & PART OF THEM!
Their homes are my home, and my home is their Homes.

You see sir, true allegiance & compatriotism nowadays is a hard thing to find, much less experience. It comes from respect, pure & simple. And the only place where that type of respect still exists is in the Heartland of our country.

And if you know anything about Southerners, they don’t give it easily. But when they do, their word is still their bond and it DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!

The South Was Right from day 1 Dusty & anyone worth their salt who has any common sense & the ability to do a little bit of hard research, will come to realize this. I have often said that when the South lost, this entire nation Lost, only no one knew it at the time.

Further, if the Union Army could ever be resurrected, I have no doubt that they would drop the Blue & adorn the Grey, for we have been on loose footing ever since 1865!

GOOD & well-meaning Northerners & GOOD & well-meaning Southerners MUST come together if we stand any chance whatsoever.

On both sides of the Mason-Dixon we have our crosses to bear. In the North, we have the Yankee’s. And in the South, we have the Scallywags. Both are bottom-feeder’s who play one section of the country off against the other to insure their self-gain and survival.

Please accept my invitation to visit the CSA’s web-site at

We need every member we can get in order to continue to wage our guerilla war and right the many wrong’s that have been deposited at our doorstep.

You see sir, The Confederate Society of America believes that the South is the last bastion of freedom in this country. We have been led down a false path created by the Centrists.

We have long ceased being a Republic. Our former Republic was buried at Appomattox in 1865. However, it is a shallow grave and our beloved Phoenix can once again fly if we simply refuse to surrender.

We must survive & we must continue the fight made possible by the refusal of President Davis to surrender our legitimate government!

During this last decade, NO matter the many attempts by our enemies to silence us, our numbers continue to grow. As such, our voices are becoming louder, much to the chagrin of our adversaries.

All this, despite the overwhelming odds & elements they have created & thrown at us. We have learned how to survive within the confines of the enemy camp…. because we are comforted by the fact that we know our Cause is just & it is NOT dead while advancing with the Blessings of our Almighty God.


It’s All For One and One For All,
So Goes The South, So Goes The Nation,
For God, Family and The Confederacy,

Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America
Deo Vindice!