The South is not the only target of revisionist history …

October 30, 2014
by Mark Vogl

What you learn first will probably be irremovable from your perspective of the world.  It acts as an anchor providing stability and a reference point for all you see.  And so when you learn error first, for the rest of your life you are guided by false or incorrect bearings.  The children of the United States are suffering that fate now, and have for generations.  American history has been gutted like a fist, its most vital organs ripped out.

In the case of the American Civil War, or more accurately the War for Southern Independence, America’s children have been taught false broad myths which helps control and dampen the vigor and spirit of the American people.  The great Cause of the South, the reason for the drastic  course of secession was so large, so important to the character to this nation and so dangerous to today’s power brokers that it has been replaced with a false cause, one that is pretty and attractive.  The instant answer one would receive by the uninformed, the great majority of Americans to – what was the cause of the civil war?  would be slavery!

But alas, that was not the cause at all.  The great Cause of the South rings loudly today.  It is so loud that it deafens, it is so loud that we ignore it because to try to listen to it shatters our imagined reality.  The great Cause of the South was defense of the American spirit, defense of the Constitution, the rule of law.  Secession was a part of that law, a part of that American miracle that was so rare in the history of man; consent of the governed.   Re – read that!  CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.

How often do you hear that phrase today?

Do you understand that phrase?

The essence of that phrase means that you, not your elected officials, are the power!  We, the people, are too govern ourselves.  We  are to say what is right and wrong, NOT the government.  The Founders were so committed to that, that they created a governing document which hamstrings our elected officials to this day!  President Obama himself has moaned about his inability to impose his will on you and me because of the Constitution!!!!

Despite the Civil War, where the authority of the founding principles, the states, was ravaged and striped; despite the decisions of the Supreme Court to change the meaning of words, or to place one segment of the Constitution above another, or to rule in the vacuum …where it was intended you and I would decide, the Constitution still has thorns and still acts as a block to the imperial power of man.

There is no doubt in this writer’s mind that slavery was a human failure, a sin. carried forward into this nation, a clear example of the imperfection of man, even when man attempted to see as God sees, to do as God would do.   And as the Bible tells us the sins of the father will be visited upon the sons…  The sin of slavery has dogged America from our conception, and it dogs to this day.  Part of slavery’s impact on America is that it has robbed most Americans of the accurate reason, the real reason for secession in 1860 – 1861.  And make no mistake, secession did not mean war.  The South sought no conquest, sought no rule over the north.  Instead, the South sought to continue down the road of the Founders.  The cause for war came from one place, the White House.  Abraham Lincoln saw it as his duty to preserve the Union, and to do that required force – and thus war.   And when Lincoln, and the North persecuted the war against the South it in effect shattered the foundation of the American spirit, consent of the governed.

Part II  – what other history has been revised??

The early history of America, 1492 – 1789 has been so revised as to be completely absent of the human motives that created this nation.  And the revisions there are more important to the character and spirit of America than even the revisions of the Civil War era.

The revisionist history of America revolves around the false concept of separation of church and state, and through that the separation of people from the Almighty God.  The secular humanists who have worked so hard to re-write our national story worked first on erasing, hiding, ignoring, and then writing our earliest history.  And in these times, there is a real effort to cloud American history and reasons for people coming to America, to turn those reasons into evil inspirations.

The true history of the discovery – exploration – settlement – colonization – creation of America is literally immersed in Christianity and in man’s attempt to live his faith in Christ as he saw it, to create cities on a hill whose laws and social norms come from the Bible, the Word of God.  I say cities because there were different interpretations of God’s word, the Bible, which led to the various protestant churches.  America was large enough to allow each church a place, a colony where its theology could be practiced.

Once again, revisionist history seeks to destroy the political foundations of our early nation.  To erase the initial cause of the great experiment – the search for a Godly society.

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the impact of the Reformation on the earliest settlers in America, on the Mayflower Compact?  I bet not, but the Reformation and its repercussions saturated the motives and inspirations of the Europeans who came to America first!

Even earlier than the Pilgrims, were you taught why Columbus ventured west?  Did you know that in his own hand, in his ships journal Columbus states that evangelism, the spread of Christianity to India was the reason for his adventure…the only reason he states!?

In the Europe of the 15th to 17th century, European man believed that God picked the kings (Divine Right of Kings) and that the kings ruled man.  In Europe, the church and state blended together completely.  Depending on where you were in Europe, the Church (the Catholic Church) was the top dog, in other areas the King was the top dog, head of the church.  Struggles for power between church and state were common.   In England’s case, it changed for Catholic, to protestant, to Catholic, and back to protestant all in the matter of a century.  And those changes always meant beheadings and prosecution against whoever happened to be “the outs.”  It was this volatility carnage within England, and other nations, that drove Believers across wide and dangerous oceans to find a place to live.

The very concept of modern liberty was conceived in the right to practice one’s faith!  This struggle played out in early New England colonies.  The social and political processes which occurred in the first half of the 17th century in England reverberated across “the pond” to America, and back to England.

But the essence, the most important historical thread of American early development was evangelism and the emerging diversity within the Christian faith.  The wilderness in America, was not just the untamed land, but the wide open spaces of human mind in coming to terms with two vital questions;

a. what is man’s relationship to God?

b. what is the proper relationship between God and nation?

The answer, at least for America was the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  And make no mistake, God and Christianity are highly active and involved in the process of creating those documents, and the concepts they represent!

Now why is this important today?  And how does it impact me?

The isolation of America had allowed and fostered and nurtured the great American experiment and the freedoms and prosperity this nation enjoyed up to about 1991, the end of the Cold War. But with the end of the Cold War, and the explosion of technology, especially communications technology, and opening of the world to unchallenged western influence the backwash of third world influence to America began.  American exceptionalism – challenged somewhat during the Cold War, now  became the relentless target for secular humanists, one worlders, communists, and the international elite.  The media in Hollywood and New York loosed the dogs of propaganda, and because American history had already been revised..weakened, the intellectual foundations of the great experiment were eroded, and lost.

Revisionist history has been the early nemesis of individual freedom and more importantly, man’s relationship with Christ.  The war for America’s hearts and minds has been prosecuted in the classrooms and libraries since 1865.  And the confusion and lack of spirit you see in America today is as a result of this sabotage of heritage.  The revisions may have been obvious with the Civil War first, but they go much further back to the founding of the American Dream.

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