The Real Reason the South Doesn’t Matter

A recent Newsmax article reported that Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry told a crowd of San Francisco supporters that he could defeat President Bush in 2004 without winning a single state in the South. Senator Kerry was quoted as saying; ìAl Gore proved that you can win the election without a single Southern state, if he’d only won New Hampshire." There may be a large amount of truth to that statement but there is also a lot of stupidity in it. What Senator Kerry might be forgetting is the fact that if Al Gore had won his home state of Tennessee he would have had enough electoral votes to become President of the United States.

For the large part most politicians know that they do not need the South to win elections. Nor do they care about the South or what matters to Southerners. Certainly my two Senators, Talent and Bond know this. It’s why they refused to fight Missouri Governor Bob Holden on his decision to remove two second national Confederate flags from Higginsville, and Pilot Knob

There is a greater enemy to Southerners than John Kerry, Richard Gephardt or Missouri Governor Bob Holden right now. The enemy is called ìblind patriotismî and it has spread like wildfire above and below the Mason – Dixon line. In general Southerners have always been patriotic and honored by a sense of duty, but this time I ask that my fellow Southerners please think twice about what is happening.

Radio talk show host Alex Jones produced a video over a year ago entitled ì 9-11 Road to Tyrannyî. In it he revealed that in 1962 the Joint Chiefs of Staff had a plan to blow up ships, hijack airliners and use violent terrorism in U.S. cities to convince Americans to give up their liberties and also approve of a war with Cuba. As proof he cited the Northwood’s document. Which was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and presented to Secretary of Defense McNamara for approval. Thankfully the Kennedy administration wanted nothing to do with this plan. Many conservative talk show hosts write Mr. Jones off as a ìconspiracy nutî. But recently ABC News posted on its website, it’s own story about the Northwood’s document. Patriot Act 1 carried out what the writers of the Norhtwood’s document set out to do. It stripped away many Constitutional rights that have been guaranteed to us. The citizens of this country welcomed it thinking that it would provide them security. Representative Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas recently stated that the members of the House were not allowed to view the legislation before voting on it. Recently Congress denied that it was drafting a Patriot Act 2 but a non-partisan Washington think tank revealed that it had been leaked to them by a anonymous source.

It revealed among other things that the entire Federal government along with many areas of state government would all be under the control of the U.S. Justice Department. Abraham Lincoln would certainly be proud.

I say this for two reasons:

1. To inform my readers about what is taking place in the government that we have elected.

2, To prove that now more than ever we must fight for state control of government and the preservation of our history, our heritage and our culture.

We have troops in over 100 countries around the world yet our borders remain open. Our government has, in recent years twice, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants allowing them to stay. 11% of our legal citizens are foreign born. Who knows how many illegal citizens are here now? By granting amnesty to these illegal immigrants our politicians are actually buying their vote. You can’t even buy a bag of diapers now without seeing at least 3 different languages printed on the package. This is no mistake!

The politicians no longer want an American culture. They certainly do not want a Southern culture. It interferes with their globalist agenda. That’s why, no matter how much evidence we provide that our Southern symbols are not racist, they will be portrayed as though they are. It’s why U. S. senators will not stand up to state governors who carry out their destructive agendas against our cultural and heritage. And it is why Presidential hopefuls, like John Kerry don’t give a flip about the South. We as Southerners must stand vigilant against this tyranny to defend our heritage and protect our Constitutional rights. We must continue to educate our fellow Southerners and Americans in general about how the politicians that we elected are betraying us.

Clint E. Lacy