South Carolina
Mr. Demastus,
I read with interest the article about the poll taken in South Carolina as to whether the Confederate battle flag should be removed from state house property. Seems as I recall that it was put there as sort of a compromise between those that wanted it to remain where it was originally, (of which I am one) and those that wanted it taken down altogether.
Now, years later, we get the same old "racist" whining again from those that want it removed altogether. We have got to begin to realize that those people are not interested in any compromise that will leave any Confederate flag up anywhere. They will compromise you into moving it from where it originally was (usually helped out by a lot of sneaky politicians) and when it gets moved to a less prominent spot, they will then start fussing about that spot. That seems to be their game plan. And if you move it yet again, you will go through the same game another time, and another time, until the flag is nowhere in sight anywhere.
My wife and I, living in Illinois at the time, went to South Carolina in 2000 to protest, with thousands of others, the removal of it from the State House. The politicians that stood up to claim the flag should stay sold the people of South Carolina out anyway. What else is new?. Politicians in Sodom on the Potomac are now busily selling out the American public on the Obamunist health care issue. This never stops. We have got to get to the point where we stop sending these sell-out artists back to Washington and our state capitols. Can anyone spell "Third Party?"
The polls in South Carolina could show that 99% of the people there wanted to keep the battle flag where it is and those people would still work for its removal. It’s not about what the voters and taxpayers want–its about political correctness and power. Welcome to "post-America"!
Al Benson Jr.