South Carolina and the Flag
As someone who lives in the State of South Carolina, I am so tired of outsiders coming in to this state and stirring things up about Our Flag.  This is a wonderful state, we get along with each other. Until the NAACP starts this. I would think Jesse and Al would have more important things to worry about with the people. How about crime? How about drug use? How about FAMILY VALUES? My Flag does not do one thing to them. It flies as a tribute to my Confederate Ancestors who fought and died for the South. This Flag issue they bring up is bull. I have a Confederate Flag in my home. Just because I do, does not mean I am a racist. I am a Proud Southern Woman, born and raised with morals and values. And my momma and daddy taught us to be proud of who and what we are. To be proud of our Southern Heritage. In my opinion, we need the TRUE SOUTHERN HISTORY Taught in our schools. We as a people have got to stand up for our beliefs. If not, they will be taken away. As for Tiger Woods, he has some nerve. He can do what he has done, destroy his wife and children by sleeping with these women, and them criticize? THAT is laughable. And as I said about Jackson and Sharpton, I would think he has more important issues to worry about.
So I say, LET OUR FLAG FLY! You will never destroy us. We will stand and honor those brave Souls  who fought and died for the South. And if you don’t like that, well that is your problem!
Angelia Hill
PROUD Southern Woman