Will the sons and daughters of the South rise in Texas?

God works in mysterious ways; Texas SCV license plate struggle continues and Patterson runs for Lt. Governor, where will the UDC and SCV be?
by Mark Vogl
Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Texas two battles for the South are brewing.

The first is a continuation of the fight to have the State of Texas Department of Motor Vehicles issue a Sons of Confederate Veterans License Plate. Nine other states have one.

The fate of this plate initially rested with Governor Rick Perry. Rumored to be a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Perry turned on his back on his brothers and spoke against the plate. Miraculously the board he appointed voted the plate down! And this man had, or has, aspirations to be President of the United States!

Rick Perry moved to the right after he announced he would not seek re-election as governor. (They call it the RINO shuffle.) But Perry has been terribly weak on the Border, not joining or publicly supporting Arizona’s much more aggressive governor on illegal immigration and border security. Perry is also a Bush globalist, not an America Firster.

But Texas does have a loyal son in the Lt. Governor race; Jerry Patterson.

Patterson holds an important state wide office as Land Commissioner. And Patterson has been an outspoken supporter of the application for the license plate by the Sons of Confederate Veterans even while holding office, and amidst controversy.

So where will the "southern heritage" types be? Will they be "grannies" and look away when one of their own needs support? Will they sit quietly by and allow the Courts to decide the fate of their plate, and more importantly their Cause! Or will the SCV and UDC do what the NAACP and all the other liberal not for profits do, and work to elect people friendly to their position?

Just yesterday secession was in the air in Colorado! Almost a dozen counties in Colorado will vote to determine whether the people want to leave Colorado and form the fifty first state! Economics seems to be behind the move as the present governor of the state is working to kill energy resource exploration and development in the state. Modern, safe technologies are in question…technologies that have been used for half a century.

But the real issue here is is that citizens are done messing with a government that obviously is out of step with their best interests. And this could foretell the future of a larger issue, the secession movement in many states! As the federal government attempts to destroy the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and impose its foreign will on the people of the heartland, secession is moving up in the things to consider list.

The Patterson candidacy is linked to all of this. So the question is, will the people of Texas rise to vindicate the Cause?

©2013 Mark Vogl

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