Date: December 3, 2009

Folks, this might not be news to some but those so called conservative republicans worked very hard to elect Obama by looking the other way in sensitive issues and shutting down real conservative objections and allegations against thiscandidate.

1)  During the last election the Republican Party put up the weakest candidate they could find to run against Obama.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to remember that Bush was wildly unpopular in his last days as a President and here come the mindless Republicans to put up a Bush clone by the name of McCain. Remember how McCains voters kept getting mad at him for "not criticizing" Obama.  Basically he wouldn’t stand up and fight for the biggest job in the world.  The word fraud comes to mind…..but is anyone really surprised?
See Devvy Kidd for a indepth analysis if needed:

2)  The birther movement was started by democrat Philip Berg.  All the slow witted republicans had to do was jump on board.  Does anyone here wonder why they wouldn’t take advantage of this opening provided by a democrat for a knockout punch during the election?  This opportunity was basically handed to them on a silver platter.

Why didn’t the Reps protest over the fact that McCain was investigated for eligibility and not Obama?  So it should be clear to all that when the Reps did not jump on the eligibility bandwagon led by a democrat……something is up.

3)  Now comes the so called phony conservative press.  Witness the deafening silence from the O’Reilly’s, Hannity’s Coulter’s, Limbaugh’s, and even Beck!  Where are these so called truth seekers?  This crew is working tirelessly to shut down any questions of Obama’s eligibility to serve as president.  Obama has an army of lawyers working around the clock to protect not only his birth certificate issue but his college records as well.  And now comes this damning evidence of the idiot with half his brain tied behind his back. The reverend is right.  There is no way on this planet could Rush have not know about Berg and little Larry.  Rush is liar…..but why is he lying?
   will find it on Pravda site also.

Alan Keys ran for office against Obama and Obama admitted he was not born in this country and this is why Keys is fighting Obama on the birther issue.

For those with any doubt left in their soul when questioning Obama’s legitimacy here is the 2004 article the republicrats forgot to scrub from the internet.

These issues now glaringly stand before us.

1)  We know that the democrats are corrupt because they know Obama is not legit and still are covering for him.

2)  We know the republicans are corrupt because they refused to follow a democrats lead to question if Obama was legit therefore proving – they did not want to win the presidential campaign.

3)  I won’t even bore anyone about the liberal press with regards to this issue.

4)  We know the so called conservative press is corrupt because they knew about eligibility issue and refuse to do their job as reporters and investigate this monumental issue, and even go further and join the democrats in the coverup.


People, your republic has failed you in every sense of the word.  As "all" democratic societies before it have done, so will this American form of multicultural democracy destroy itself from within.  Democracy (or any form of it) is based on division.  As the multicultural Roman republic fell, so must multicultural America.  How many times have you heard a candidate say "vote for me and I’ll fight for you?"  So who is he gonna fight?  Why other Americans of course.  And who does the voters want their candidate to fight?  The same.  It should be understood:  democracy and multiculturalism must divide the people to exist.  How?   

*  It divides the people of issues, laws, and resources.  What’s important to one region, is not critical to another within a country.  What’s important to the country folk is usually in direct conflict with the big city folk.  The resources of one state are different from the resources of another so people naturally will divide along issues over resources and the laws governing them.

*  It divides over cultural issues.  In a multicultural country such as America what’s important to one culture such as genital mutilation is viewed as horrid to another.  Honor killings are praised by one people, and against the law to another people.

*  It divides people of religions.  What’s to be honored and celebrated in one religion is hated and viewed as vile in another religion.

Now can any thinking person actually say America is not a severely divided nation on cultural issues, religious issues, race issues, language issues, value issues, and historical issues?

So what is one to do?

Maybe if we looked to our redeemer and actually believed is his words some of us might be able to pull ourselves out of this mess.  So did Jesus long ago give us guidance and direction with regards to this matter?

Matthew 12 is clear:

25And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

Now does anyone here see anything exemptions or disclaimers here?  Does Jesus say His words here are for olden times only?  Does he say future democracies are exempt?  Does he say someday this big country called America will come along and these words of mine won’t apply to them?

Not at all.  In fact Jesus keeps using the word "every" to describe who is subject to this warning.  Folks Jesus has already said this country will fall because it is divided.

So take the next logical step and ask yourself why it will fall?  Because of its division caused by democracy and multiculturalism.