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East Texans remember Confederate ancestors at courthouse ceremony
Longview News-Journal
How sweet it is to learn via Demastus that there are still Southerners who have been able to slough off an over century and a half of Lincoln’s Marxist-Republican propaganda.  A bunch of these brave Americans in East Texas just stood up for historical truth.
How bitter it is to know that the Democratic Party, Southerners once supported wholeheartedly, has been painted with the very same brush that was originally wielded by the Communist originators of the Republican Party.  No wonder Mr. Lincoln is so stupidly worshipped by the (masses).
We won’t read about this in the politically correct, politically controlled newspapers and prize winning books, but those Marxists who created the grand old Republican Party and the Uncivil War programmed all Americans ever since to accept nothing but lies as truth.
Hurrah for intelligent men without lace on their drawers and women with brains unsullied by the brainwashers.  May their numbers increase and their days be long on this earth.
Joan Hough