Some friendly advice fellow Southerners….
My Southern brothers & sisters,
I do not mean to be a fly in the ointment but, the politically correct pollute every segment of society to such a point today that I feel it my Southern duty to make you aware of this so that if you have any of these types in your ranks you can give them forewarning & correct their misguided intentions before they have time to get started.
Clearly point out to them now that the cemetery ceremonies to be held at Bristoe Station Virginia in September of 2012 are in remembrance of Confederate soldiers. Not the Union, not their flag or their blue uniforms.
In short, make sure the foolish & weak-minded among us understand to leave their striped, starry banner & yankee blue reenacting uniforms at home.
I myself am a veteran of the United States Military but, our Confederate veterans served in a different time & place. It would be as wrong to stand over a Confederate soldier’s grave wearing the uniforms of his enemies & flying his enemy’s flag as it would for someone to stand over our World War Two ancestors graves in Nazi German uniforms & flying a swastika.
There was a time when no Southerner would have had to be told how to act while honoring our Confederate ancestors, sadly that is not the case today. So if you know anyone with such intentions & dumb enough to try such a stunt please giving them fair-warning now or purge them from your Southern ranks or they will be told at the ceremony by the real Southerners / Confederates among us.
I would prefer our Confederate heroes of the 10th Alabama Infantry Regiment graves to be lost forever than to be dishonored by such actions, especially from our own Southern people who have been dumbed-down to such an ignorant level.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama