SOLDIERS’ HOME VIDEO – Of Confederate Soldiers on Grounds of R. E. Lee Camp
To members of Friends of the Confederate War Memorial – Pelham Chapel

RECENTLY, one of the Members of our Face Book Group: Friends of the Confederate War Memorial – Pelham Chapel, took an old VHS Taped that was played for Visitors at the Chapel and has converted to Digital Video. Because it is a Video of Seldom Seen Confederate Soldiers in a Video Image, it is a priceless artifact of great historical significance. I invite you to click on this link and view the Video of the Pelham Chapel and the Soldiers’ Home Confederate Veterans.
This New Video is Very Powerful, and I recommend that you share it with your friends. Also, I would like for you to join the My Family Group, which has been around for awhile and provides a different format for Historical Groups that Come Together for Similar Interests.
Please Click on the Join This Group Link in the Top Right Corner, and I will Generate an Automatic Invitation.
Please Let Me know what you think of the Old Confederate Soldiers Video – There are not many around.
Bobby Edwards