Is A Soldier’s Honor Transitory?


At Thursday’s Board of County Commission meeting, a local son killed fighting in the War on Terror was honored. A unanimous proclamation abated the widow’s property taxes. As it should be!

The question is, in 150 years will future Commissioners re-write history and degrade this soldier’s good name and take away his honor? Will his honor be stained by lies told about the cause for which he fought? Will his gift of life for his family, friends, neighbors, State and Country be belittled and denigrated? Or will our descendants and those who follow us stand up and say to a new ethnic or political majority that his honor deserves to be remembered? Will a limp-wristed BOCC turn their backs and allow his grave to be spat upon?

This is exactly what happened when the BOCC denied the Confederate Memorial Day proclamation in April this year as ‘controversial’! Four weak kneed commissioners, for political expediency’s sake, cow-towed to the politically correct who are busy re-writing history for their own purposes, in effect spitting on the graves citizen soldiers….native sons of Hillsborough County who sacrificed their lives!

It is disgraceful that a soldier’s honor is so transitory and that a life given for us is so expendable! The board members who voted no on Confederate Memorial Day should hang their heads in shame!

Lunelle M. Siegel
Temple Terrace, FL