Posted  November 24, 2013

Civil war soldier receives posthumous Medal of Honor

James Breathed, a doctor who served as a soldier in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, has been posthumously awarded the Confederate Medal of Honor by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Only 48 other Confederate soldiers have won the award.

“Breathed was a daring soldier and admired leader who never received recognition until now,” says David P. Bridges, author of two books about Breathed, most recently a historical novel titled “The Broken Circle.” The book traces Breathed’s battles during the war years and describes the heroics that earned him the medal.

On Oct. 12, a military parade honoring Breathed was held in Hancock, Md. The parade ended at Breathed’s grave for a ceremony presenting the medal. It is now on permanent display in The Museum of the Confederacy, 1201 East Clay St. in Richmond, Va.

In “The Broken Circle,” historian and professor Bridges relates how Breathed had to choose between the Union and the Confederacy. He fought valiantly for the South at great personal sacrifice and spent the rest of his short life as a doctor who cared for all people, regardless of which side they supported.

The book is available online and wherever books are sold.

David P. Bridges is a historian and works as an adjunct professor of writing at the University of Richmond, Va., and has served 25 years as a Presbyterian minister.

Bridges’ area of expertise is 1850-1950 American history. His first non-fictional historical book, “The Best Coal Company in All Chicago,” is about the Best family — coal industrialists and philanthropists who historically impacted Chicago’s history. His second book, “The Bridges of Washington County,” chronicles the Bridges family in Western Maryland. It shows how industry, politics and conservation worked together to preserve the Woodmont Rod and Gun Club, Hancock, Md. Bridges’ third book, “Fighting with Jeb Stuart: Major James Breathed and the Confederate Horse Artillery,” chronicles the life and Civil War trials and tribulations of Breathed, Stuart Horse Artillery, and the Confederate States of America. “The Broken Circle” is his fourth book. He is presently working on a new novel titled “The Thomas Brothers of Burke’s Garden Virginia.”

He resides in Richmond, Va., with his faithful birddogs Angel, Bella and Rosey.

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