Saturday, December 30th 2006

Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx must be smiling proudly in their graves right now. In my previous blog post I talked about a Liberal Senator-Elect from St. Louis who is already doing his part to protect the government monopoly over our schools and education of our children.

Today, we learn about the powers that be who are doing their best to protect the government monopoly over our universities and higher education institutions.

On Thursday , December 28th, MSNBC.Com reported the following story:

"AUSTIN, Texas – The new president of the University of Texas says he will appoint a panel to decide what to do with four bronze statues on the Austin campus that honor confederate leaders and have drawn complaints for several years.

William Powers Jr., who took over as president this month, said the advisory committee would look into concerns about the statues, which include likenesses of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States, and Gen. Robert E. Lee.

“A lot of students, and especially minority students, have raised concerns. And those are understandable and legitimate concerns. On the other hand, the statues have been here for a long time, and that’s something we have to take into account as well,” Powers said in Wednesday’s Austin American-Statesman"

MSNBC is also sponsoring an online poll, which asks the question: "Do you think the statues should be removed?".

You can vote in the poll by CLICKING ON THIS LINK .

At the time of this posting, those who are opposed to the removal of the Confederate statues are enjoying an a substantial lead to those who are for the removal of them, however; it is important that all of you click on the above link and vote.

Those that have taken control of our educational system, want to ensure that they never lose control of it, their tactics are much like those of Vladimir Lenin who also implemented a plan to erase all history, and opposition to his communist / Marxist revolution.

According to an online biography of Lenin:

"Lenin was initiator of the central drama – the tragedy – of our era, the rise of totalitarian states. A bookish man with a scholar’s habit and a general’s tactical instincts, Lenin introduced to the twentieth century the practice of taking an all embracing ideology and imposing it on an entire society rapidly and mercilessly; he created a regime that erased politics, erased opposition. In his short career in power, from 1917 until his death in 1924, Lenin created a model not merely for his successor, Stalin, but for Mao, for Hitler, for Pol Pot."

Speaking of erased history, please click on the following link to read about a piece of history that you probably didn’t learn about in school. It is about Abraham Lincolns "Overthrow" of the Missouri government, as well as Lincoln’s relationship with the "father of communism" Karl Marx. Please click on the link below to read:


Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker

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