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RE: <<<Old Virginny is dead
Hi Charles,
Jim Nolan for wrote the following:
A tired but beaming Gov. Timothy M. Kaine today said the election of Sen. Barack Obama was "an amazing day — one of the best days of our lives."
"Old Virginny is dead," said Kaine, standing with his wife, Anne Holton, in front of the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial at the State Capitol. "We are a new and dynamic and exciting commonwealth . . .
"We are not living in the past," Kaine said. "We are looking ahead."  ….
— Jim Nolan>>>

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: This a most enjoyable email for its straight assessment of the crooked forces in Virginia and national politics. Of course, it’s true that Virgnia is finished unless there are major changes of an extremely politically-incorrect nature, as with all of ex-Christendom. Virginia is crammed with wonderful gracious AMERICANS but they (as in all states) do too little to hold on to what’s theirs. They send their kids to great Soviet re-education camps like UVA, and then are  mystified that they’re soon ready to vote for the worst possible candidate for president in history……….. IF THOSE PARENTS NOTICE ANYTHING AT ALL that doesn’t concern home decor, flower borders, recipes, travel and trendy entertainment.
The writer mentions (rhetorically, perhaps) the idea of escaping the "transformation" to some other coungtry entirely. I REALLY don’t want to leave this country but am seriously researching that possibility. I’m used to thinking of ameriKa as the place where serious, ghastly trouble had decided never to return — in spite of the worst depredations of the Clintonistas and Busheviks. They all wanted to lower the boom on us so bad they could taste it (full martial law, concentration camps for all free thinkers, ruthless fedgov control of all ex-First-Amendment activities). But they couldn’t pull it off……. because of HUMBLE BUT EFFECTIVE RESOURCES LIKE SHNV, in which the shysters’ every move gets reported the instant it happens.
With help from the laws of economic gravity and the Leninist mass media, President Brrrrap OhBummer is no doubt capable of pulling it off. He could wait for the big crash, or (like Baby Bush) giggle while the Insiders throw a bigger, more noxious 9/11, or start a nuclear war with Russia or China, anything. When he does, the gold medals will go to those who stay and resist, but there’s honor in silver and bronze too — especially for those who would continue the freedom struggle wherever they escape to.
I’ve been reading up on many other countries, and what do you know, a few exist that seem viable. They’re not perfect, but they offer fully civilized living (insofar as it’s possible anywhere) in countries that would never think of calling for a "new" world order and believe in minding their own business. The main ones where my Southern patriot friends are buying property are:
Chile — after much turmoil in the 70s and 80s it simply chose the U.S. Constitution for its own and has had a blessed, stable life since. (This thanks in no small measure to the great anti-communist General Pinochet, about whom are still wailing today.) Our SC associate Dr. John Cobin has moved there. He candidly blogs the Chilean experience in his inimitable way, shares pictures of its glroious natirual beauty, and welcomes your questions:
Panama — a perfectly fine country with much American-style shopping. John C says you’re subject to being kidnapped and held for ransom anwhere in Central America but not in South America. Many move to Panama with no problem and great reviews of the place — check any expat or travel site.
Belize — cheaper that some others when you need to fly back to the US to see the home folks. A second- or maybe thrid-world country in which it’s possible to do some first-world living. Impressive Mennonite presence offers natural living and some 19th-century work opportunities (that’s good). Cities are slummy, rest of country is Eden. English is the official language.
Sadly, the cream of young adult ameriKa is in fact escaping, just as hundreds of thousands of British are leaving Britain. Here’s a silly article that starts out by nervously declaring that it’s not because of Bush/Clinton-style politics…….. and then pretty much shows that it is exactly that:
A Growing Trend of Leaving America
We must pray that sanity will return to the USA — and we must be prepared for anything. It may be that after a crackdown hits ameriKa, it would be easier to get real news and critical information (not to mention funds and supplies) to friends and family from abroad.
Virginia is FINISHED if it’s going to be an ethnically cleansed state song, a LincolnScam statue at Tredegar, and a banished MOC, ad inifinitum without end, so easily. The Babylon chaos of the new PC "multicultural" Northern Virginia will cover and blight every farthest reach of the state. Gliberals claim to be all about helping the poor, but all the help the Virginia Appalachian youth will get is force-feeding of Roots, Sch

[w]indler’s List and similar best-selling FICTION. They may report to their fedgov "schools" for it barefoot and hungry, but they’ll be able to tell you the life story of "singer" James Brown and "hero" Ché Guevara — even if they can’t read, thanks to the miracle of movies, TV, video, DVD.
I hate to say all this, because I I’m concentrated Virginian on both sides and remember the OLD Old Dominion, even such as it was in the late 1950s.
Kudos for your insights, Mr. Hines! Plain English — that’s what’s needed.