Southern National Congress to host Town Hall meeting
The Tennessee Delegation to the Southern National Congress will hold it second “Town Hall” style meeting with the public on Tuesday evening, 25 May, in the meeting room of the Hardin County Library in Savannah, Tennessee.  The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00pm and conclude at 8:00pm.
The Southern National Congress (SNC) is composed of men and women from all walks of life.  When the SNC first met on 7 December 2008, its purpose was clearly stated in the resolution to convene the Congress, “so that we may have a real voice for the Southern people;” something which is not happening with the Congress in Washington, D.C.
The sole purpose of government is to secure and protect the rights of the people who establish it. In short, the business of government is the people’s business.  As guardian of the people’s liberty, government must be open to hearing the voice of the people.  The framer s of the U.S. Constitution clearly affirmed the people’s right to be heard in the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights when they wrote that Congress could make no law abridging the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The people of the Southern States have entrusted our representatives to Congress – both Republican and Democratic – to make our will known to Washington.  We relied upon them to make our grievances clear and to fight for our well being.  Our reliance upon them was unwisely placed, for they have betrayed our trust. At first they tried to conceal it.  Today they do not even trouble themselves with the effort.  They take us for shiftless fools who can be purchased with socialist-style handouts and tax breaks which are something akin to a thief stealing your money and then “doing you the favor” of “giving” you some of your money back!
We need our own voice!  During the Health Care v ote in March, a soviet-style, national health plan passed 219 for vs. 212 against, yet the votes of the Southern States’ representatives was 41 for and 100 against!  Southerners help each other; we don’t need federal bureaucrats meddling!
The response to the recent flooding is another example of the way Southerners normally act.  Although the devastation in Tennessee was more widespread and with greater financial impact than New Orleans experienced with Katrina, there was no “national media” coverage because there was no looting, no National Guard patrols, neighbours were helping each other, and there were no individual demands for Washington to help!  We acted like the Southern, Christian men and women that we are.
When people of the Southern states speak, no one in the halls of the federal government is listening.  The Southern National Congress intends to change that by being the VOICE of the Southern people.
It is our intention that everyone who attends the Town Hall meeting of the Southern National Congress will have an opportunity to speak.  Your Tennessee delegation will listen!  Tuesday, 25 May, 7:00pm, Library in Savannah.
For additional information, you may contact David O Jones at 931 593-2881. Mr. Jones is a member of the Tennessee delegation and the Parliamentarian for the Congress.  Mr. Jones is also President of the Perry County Chamber of Commerce and Headmaster of Heritage Covenant Schools in Lobelville.