For those of you not familiar with "Texas Monthly" magazine, it’s a very far-left leaning rag.
Southern Legal Resource Center, Inc.
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January 7, 2009
Texas Monthly
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To the Editor:
We have finally arrived!  Ignored by you for years, the Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) has finally been inducted into the Texas Monthly Bum Steer Hall of Fame ("Rebels Without a Clue" Jan. 2009).  But hey, where have y’all been?  We filed the student free speech federal lawsuit against Burleson High School and on behalf of students Aubrie McAllum and Ashley Megan Thomas back in February 2007.
Clueless as we are, we naively cling to the quaint idea that the United States Constitution should protect these young ladies who are proud of their Southern heritage and who, without disruption, carried the Confederate flag
purses they had received as Christmas presents to their school.  The 1969 Supreme Court case of Tinker v. Des Moines (Vietnam War black armband case) established that if an article of apparel — such as Aubrey’s and Ashley’s purses — causes no material disruption to the educational process, a student has every right to wear or display it.
The Confederate community is only asking that the court hold the schools to their burden of proving disruption before they ban a symbol, and to stop treating student free speech cases involving Confederate symbols differently from other such cases.
The issue is important enough to the 5th Circuit United States Court of Appeals that it has scheduled oral arguments on our appeal for February 5 in New Orleans. There seems to be a lot of cluelessness going around.
By and large Texas Monthly, which thrives on first amendment protection, shoots itself in the foot when it belittles our clients’ brave stand in defense of free speech.  Would the SLRC be the recipients of the hallowed Bum Steer award if we were fighting Burleson high school over the peremptory banishment of Texas Monthly from the school library?
Somehow, I don’t think so.
But thank you again for including us in your 2009 Bum Steer Awards.
Kirk D. Lyons
Chief Trial Counsel
Southern Legal Resource Center
Attorney for Aubrie McAllum & Ashley Megan Thomas