Dorothy A. Seese
November 4, 2005

The fact is, I do not write a lot now. Six hundred and some articles after going on the internet in 1999, the world and our nation have only gotten worse, and the majority of people seem to care little, especially in America, about how this nation is being torn apart. I question whether they even see the destruction lying around them. The rest of the world, sick of America’s leadership and aggression, self-aggrandisement, self-anointed arbiter of how the world’s nations should mind their affairs of state, and imperialist buttinsky from pole to pole, is happy to see it fall by the wayside. In fact, what our own government doesn’t do to destroy this country, others are willing to help finish.

People of European heritage in this nation are being forced to apologize for being white, are tolerating reverse discrimination and allowing their Christian heritage to be dragged naked and dead through the streets. If they object, they are hauled off to kangaroo courts. Their children are either taken from them or they are threatened by a judge with having the children seized by the authorities. This is an open and flagrant violation of true, as-written First Amendment rights, but if there is no one to enforce those rights, then they are no longer rights.

Free speech is now a privilege granted by the government to those who openly speak only the politically correct mantra. Anyone else is labeled a radical, a Nazi, or worse.

Having personal preferences or politically incorrect religious beliefs that have endured for centuries, and for generations in this nation, are now expressions that are overwhelmed by the leftist speech and thought police. Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs except the Christians, whose Bible (still used in official ceremonies) is labeled in personal use and belief as "hate" literature. So far the sculptures of Moses and the Law, or other biblical figures, haven’t been scrubbed from our government and court buildings in Washington, D.C. or elsewhere, but give the leftists time and they will doubtless be resculpted in some manner.

America touts itself as a free nation with the zeal of a con artist trying to convince a mob of the value of some new snake oil liniment. It isn’t believable, but the masses have to believe. And they do.

No matter how the government deprives some politically incorrect citizens of their rights as written in the Bill of Rights, if the media says these folks deserved it, then the public believes it. If that isn’t propaganda, then Pravda in the days of Stalin was free press. The test at Waco proved that the people of this nation have become desensitized to government atrocities and there is no outrage.

Why? Because outrage demands action, and action can discomfit the comfortable Americans. To restore outrage, one has first to restore the moral compass of America, spiked through the heart by legislation from the Supreme Court through its twisted opinions on what the Constitution "means" rather than says. We don’t want discomfort, things can be worked out, we can all really get along is what Americans want to believe and what the media will tell them as long as they will buy it.

Maybe even when the tanks are in the streets, Americans will rationalize it rather than give up an ounce of comfort for the cause of liberty. Apparently liberty no longer has any value to Americans in the twenty-first century, they want security, guarantees by government, cradle to grave insurance against all the world’s ills.

Anyone who believes in that kind of "security" in an insecure world filled with natural disasters, peculiar diseases and instant plagues, maverick asteroids the size of a stadium, rampant crime and irrational wars, has to be wishing for a wonderland from a child’s book.

No, America, your strength was in following a moral compass, but early on you began to ignore its readings. It just took time to spread a doctrine of hedonism and secular humanism to a nation that began to set up its Baals to mammon. When the destroyers of our system had infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives, rather than becoming fired up with the outrage of our forefathers, Americans capitulated for the promise of security and tickets to the Friday night game, perhaps including the pizza and beer.

Follow the advertisers on television and get a new pill for some allergy, or a new automobile on sale at an implied bargain price that would put the automotive industry out of business. We believe in lotteries but not in God.

The outrage is gone, and so is the nation that the world once recognized as America. Gone is the land we Americans once recognized as America. We’re required to like everyone else, but no one is required to like us. We are required to restrain our speech, but others can yell obscenities at us and we are to capitulate and agree that we’re all wrong and have been, and probably owe reparations to the Hittites.

If this isn’t insanity, then it is the most abject stupidity even seen in one nation that refuses to respect its heritage and allows others to tell the majority what to think, do, say, believe and profess.

Sorry, not playing this game!

A bottle of new snake oil liniment is more believable than the outrages seen in America today, every day, and distorted by the media to fit the agenda for American thought, belief and life. The liniment just might do someone some good in spite of itself. America’s new mainstream thought and disdain for its heritage is doing no one any good. No one.

Those without outrage are those without any standards, without conscience, without integrity, without faith and in the end, without hope. Those of us who find we cannot express ourselves openly without possible incarceration to no avail (no one cares) create our own cocoons, our bubbles of independence within our own walls and within our own small circles of friends who think like we do.

America is hardly a house, but it most surely is divided. A nation that had a rock solid foundation at one time is now an imperialist military empire built on the sands of moral turpitude and a shocking lack of discernment, character and vision.

We’re no longer a nation of majority rule with minority rights. We’re actually several conflicting systems at war one with another, thousands of beliefs that don’t coincide, and as much unity as a shattered glass vase.

And for all the above, there is still no outrage. Perhaps outrage just requires too much effort and a sense of direction that no one knows how to regain. Whatever, the outrage is gone, it has capitulated to a new world order that will offer nothing more than slavery for most.

When the banquet of hedonism is over, all that will be left is the bones of the meat at the table. Perhaps it will cause just a little outrage to find that the people at the feast were actually cannibals, devouring one another like any other entree. With or without the salsa.

Morality and outrage, courage and character, must travel together. They must work together to build any strong nation, any strong people.

Obviously, then, if we’ve lost the outrage, we’ve lost the rest.

© 2005 Dorothy A. Seese

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