Slavery’s reality contradicts Sons of Confederate Veterans’ Civil War
Like a bad case of the runs, this Danny Ruth just keeps coming back.
I have often told my Southern friends that they need to learn how to fight dirty. Your ancestors fought cleanly. Their opponents did not – and your ancestors lost.
The same holds true today. You’ve got to learn to fight dirty. Dig up dirt on people like Ruth. Remember, as one of your own said (Dr. Clyde Wilson), these people don’t want to argue history with you; they’re out to destroy you. The only way to deal with such people is to be as dirty as they are.
Learn to dig up dirt and then go public with it.
Anyone remember back in 2008 when Ruth hooked up with a black big mouth in the Tampa area named Michelle Williams? She was foaming at the mouth about something "Confederate" and Ruth was egging her on. She had formed a group called "The Sons and Daughters of Harriet Tubman." She and her cohorts knew as much about Tubman as I know about life on Pluto. But if whitey can form the SCV then they can form a "sons and daughters" organization too….. it’s not hard to figure out the motivations of simple life forms like Williams.
I haven’t been paying much attention in the last 6 years but a google search on her turned up this –
Apparently she got nailed for selling a home that wasn’t hers….. gee, who would-a thunk it? A black activist who did something illegal???? If more people read history books that were written when history books told the truth, they’d see that this sort of thing was prevalent during Reconstruction….it’s not really new.
And it’s not hard to figure out Ruth’s motivations either. I would bet money that Ruth is one of those white liberals who loves to support black causes, but who wets his pants when he sees more than 2 black people in the same spot. I could be wrong of course, but I’ve unfortunately come up against that kind of person too many times in this life and they make my nose act up the same way it acts up when I pass a pig farm, so I’ll guess that my nose is right once again.
If my hunch about him is right, it would be a real hoot if someone could find out where he lives (my guess is that in his neighborhood the only "people of color" are the ones who cut the grass), and then publicly confront him with his fears….. his fears being, the very people he claims he wants to defend. Maybe, just maybe, some black folks will wake up and realize that, as Malcolm X once said, "white liberals have failed you", and they are not your friends.
Bill Vallante
ps – As I google "The Sons and Daughters of Harriet Tubman" the only references that come up are from 2008
Why no recent hits? Is this "group" still in existence? My gut tells me they went out of business 6 years ago. If that is so, it says a lot about Michelle Williams and her cohorts – they were never interested in learning anything about Harriet tubman herself. They were only interested in, (to quote one of my dad’s old phrases), "stirring up sh**"!