Re: Antebellum Slavery: An Orthodox Christian View
Dear SHNV Friends,
Bill Vallante has it exactly right.
Sometimes I respond. "OK., and now what is your point?" They are so self-delusional that they think we are promoting slavery or American (Yankee) Native racism.  They are being insulting and we should respond appropriately. Of course, the law no longer permits us to do this. Dueling is no longer legal.
Sometimes I have asked, when arguing with an idiot, "Where in this conversation was there something said that led you to believe I was promoting slavery? or racism?"  "Oh, it must be your anti-Southern prejudice at work." BUT, education should focus on Southern peoples. It isn’t our job to make other nations think well of us or American yankee’s and Marxists for that matter. Once you chase their bogus arguments down one rat hole they reappear to put us on the defensive again to get us to chase them down another rat hole, and we oblige then by actually biting the hook and chasing their bogus rat down another illogical rat hole.
I have watched this on the evening news so many times that I no longer consider CNN and the others even slightly credible. People like Wolfe Blitzer get out of breath trying to pose another argument before you are finished saying what you have to say. They are simply rude, arrogant and ignorant. They never apologise when exposed or admit they were misinformed or acting insulting toward us. Nothing is too extreme or evil that may not be assumed about how Southerners think and act. (This is the Eric Phoner of Columbia University’s approach to the South in the years following World War II.) The only good will in these conversations is on our part. We should just write or call their employers and ask that these ignorant insulting bas….s be fired, or worse.  Unfortunately they are so incurably anti-intellectual that the only thing they will understand is the "or worse."
They cannot be redeemed. Such people were referred to in ancient times as having their "cup of iniquity" full, and all that was left for them was God’s judgement upon a wicked people which was death at the hands of some foreign enemies. Christian men in the USA have become so feminised that such thinking is no longer a part of their pseudo Christian "celebration."
It is our duty to just do the right thing and please our God. Educating Yankee’s, agnostics and other Marxists and rationalists is rarely successful. If they become "convinced" about some history point on which they are wrong, they will not recognise the fault in their knowledge or personality structure. The have been reconstructed/brainwashed and put through the process of "yankeefication." In the end we have just had an experience that amounted to little more than a polite exercise in cursing the darkness.
The great historian Ludwell Johnson at the College of William and Mary has a great section in his book "North Against South" that tells of the targeted reconstruction after the War to Prevent Southern Independence of the northern Democrat States of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan, and the Republican (but not radical Republican) State of New Jersey.  We are living in the New World Order of the USA following this genocidal war against Southern Christian people, and some of us are pledging to their flag and trying to prove that we really are the most faithful and responsible citizens of this New World Order, after all, they say "had the South won the war Hitler and the Nazi’s would be ruling the world." This is brain-dead nonsense. This historical lack of knowledge is such a shallow view of World War II that it isn’t worth an argument.
Aggressive Marxist nations generally only understand arguments that are traveling so many feet per second out of the muzzle of an AK-47.  The socialists have been working in western cultures for over 400 years. American socialists really do not differ from German Nazi’s or Russian communists. Blacks have taught us correctly that American northern Maxists only understand things when their businesses are looted or burned to the ground, and then they just relocate to some other white community. Southern Gentlemen do not have a history of doing that sort of thing. We just want them to leave us alone and stop trying to control how we think and live.
We try being nice. When that fails, we compromise because we mistakenly want others to like us and not call us names. But, they never stop no matter how much we have compromised. We start telling them how many black friends we have and how many "Negroes" fought in the Confederate armies or served as support personnel. We mean well when we do this, but we are failing entirely to understand our adversaries. Much of what we do in such great sincerity actually becomes part of the perpetuation of the great American social and political dilemma. There, no doubt, will be a great price to pay to stop this abuse of ourselves, our women and our children.
Deo Vindice.
Timothy D. Manning
Executive Director
The Southern Partisan Reader