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Hope you are doing well, and still hope Christiene and I can make a specail trip up to see you sometime.  Wanted to contact you about the slavery response posted on SHNV – and wanted to ask that you make sure I’m on that mailing list.

Chuck Parks, CSA


From: HK Edgerton
To: area51news@rock.com
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010

Dear Chuck,

God bless you and your pretty daughter. I don’t have anything to do with SHNV’s mailing list. However, you can subscribe at:  SouthernHeritage-subscribe@topica.com


From: area51news@rock.com
Date: Sun, Oct 10, 2010
To: HK Edgerton – hk.edgerton@gmail.com


Your letter that you would reply to an individual asking you about the slavery issue, and you responding to him that you would reply to the question Monday Oct. 11, 2010 –  was posted on SHNV.

That’s what I was writing about asking you to be sure to include me in the reply.

Reason is – is that about a month ago (behind the lines) I came across the TEXAS DECLARATION OF CAUSES TO SECEDE FROM THE FEDERAL UNION, not to be confused with the ORDINANCES OF SECESSION from each state. (Only 4 states wrote a Declaration of Causes – SC, GA, MS, TX. (All is online just Google them)

Texas – if you Google it, is most damning in asserting the Confederacy itself was formed to preserve slavery…and they obviously had a disdain for Black folks.

So after this I went round in circles with a few on SHNV, as I said behind the lines, and couldn’t find anyone that could provide a justified argument that could refute the Texas Declaration of Causes as fact that the South fought for slavery.

With such strong evidence I had myself changed my opinion in that the war was obviously in regard to slavery and lashed those that portrayed the war otherwise.

Finally, one pointed out the CORWIN AMENDMENT, and I was aware of the U.S. CRITTENDEN RESOLUTION.

These two documents are important in that in both it is the North that is stating the continuation of slavery was perfectly fine if the South remained in the Union. These weren’t just statements – one was passed in the House or maybe both were passed by the House and Senate – not quite sure about all that.

I then reversed my humble opinion in that the war fought for slavery, and concluded the South actually wanted and fought for independence.

There was no reason for the South to fight for slavery if they could remain in the Union without the interference of slavery the North would offer.

I write this to you because I feel the individual that wrote you is well aware of the Texas Declaration which on the face of the matter (without the additional details and information) the document from official Confederate records appears to be the smoking gun that the South did fight for slavery – case closed.

I hope this information helps you in your reply to the individual that wrote you in regard to your opinion on the South fighting for slavery, as I believe that once you reply, he is going to reply with the Texas Declaration of Causes, and I’d like to see that you make a good stand on the issue, no bars hold.

Like they say, it aint over till the fat lady sings, but more appropriately, it’s not over without all the information, and with Confederate history, it seems there is always more information forth coming.

Charles Parks, CSA