Slavery Issue
It has become apparent there are many so called historians from the northern camps who refuse to hear any reason for the War of Northern Aggression other than slavery. I offer this challenge to any of the authors of the slavery issue. Show me one writing in the US Official Records of the War that backs their claim the fight was over slavery. I have the entire 143 volumes and after years of reading and studying these records, I cannot find one iota of data that suggests the Union Army was directed to invade the Southern States and free the slaves. Their mission was very clear. It was to force the states in rebellion to be back under the control of the central government. The most important order concerning slaves was that they be taken as contraband, and there is no mention that once they were taken they were to be freed.

One point every northern historian seems to overlook is that while Lincoln was penning the words to the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves were building the White House .I cannot find nor have I been shown newspaper articles proclaiming the Union Army was invading the South solely for the purpose of freeing slaves. What most cannot seem to apply to their theories of war causes is the mindset of that time period. Slaves were a commodity and looked at by both sides as such. If there was any connection to a cause of the war to slaves, it was nothing more than as a valuable commodity. Granted the abolitionists agenda was on a humanitarian basis, but even they pushed an agenda of violence against legal slaveholders which basically negates any humanitarian reasoning. It is clear the word slavery has been welded to the backs of Southerners by the politically correct. They find it easy since even as Southerners, mention the word slave and we envision plantations. The word slavery doesn’t bring images of the slaves who served in New York townhouses of the rich, nor does it produce images of the White under construction by slave labor. The Union Army used slave labor on a regular basis and that little item is overlooked when the discussion of causation comes up. It isn’t likely to happen during my lifetime, but it is my wish one single PC howler would admit slavery was an American issue and not solely the Southern States issue. For the northern viewpoint it is apparent they will continue to write and speak out in condemnation of our history in their effort to keep their name clear of any connection to slavery. There will never come a day when that will fly and they will always bear just as much blame for the institution of slavery as much as anyone else. One final note, it will seem to pass forever over their swollen egotistical heads that Southerners are way more stubborn than any blue belly and they can howl until the moon turns into cheese and we will never swallow the libelous tripe they continue to spew, but we will continue to call a lie a lie.  
Eddie Grey   
Compatriot for the Cause.