Slavery was not invented by the South. Slavery was alive and well in pretty much the whole world. The first slaves in the Atlantic slave trade were bought from their "African" brothers by the Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish to be used in their colonies which were located in the Caribbean, and Central and South America. There were already slaves in these colonies before Jamestown was ever settled.

Of approximately 10 to 12 million slaves shipped from Africa to the Americas only about 700,000 actually were shipped to what is now the U.S. The majority went to the Caribbean and Brazil where slavery didn’t end until 1888. Massachusetts was the first colony to legalize slavery. The first Black lifetime slave in Jamestown was owned by a black man. Check out Anthony Johnson and John Casar.

England actually went to war with Spain to retain the right to sell slaves to the Spanish colonies. I know according to all these countries who actually started the whole sorry mess "their crap don’t stink" because they decided it was no longer profitable so they ended it.

As far as slavery in Africa being benign as in women only had to be Concubines and a Eunuch lived a live of luxury; a Concubine was a sex slave and a Eunuch was created by holding a boy down and cutting off his sex organs without benefit of pain killer then putting a straw in his urinary tube to keep it open and burying him up to his neck in sand for 3 days. If after three days when he was dug out he was able to urinate he was destined for a life of luxury. If he wasn’t he died in agony. Probably more slaves died being transported across the desert than died in the Atlantic crossing. Also we are told African slaves were forced to become farmers. Sounds suspiciously like field hands to me as I’m sure they weren’t farming for themselves. So don’t get the idea I think slavery is fine just stop trying to put the blame for slavery solely on the South. Southern slaves were probably treated better than the ones in these other locations but the rest of these seem to be pretty much invisible. Just what do you mean by "Social reform". Some people are so busy having a pity party that they don’t see what they are doing to themselves. When you have children who don’t want to learn because it makes them look like they’re trying to be white something is definitely wrong. If you want "social reform" get your hiney out and start telling the ones who need the reform to get off their behinds and try to do something meaningful. You want to whine about the poor. The poor now live a life of luxury compared to the poor in the thirties. Most poor people have a TV, automobile, home and food if they don’t spend everything on drugs and booze.

There is not going to be any "social reform" until the people who are looking for it try to do more for themselves and stop looking for someone else to do it for them. Looking forward to your sarcastic reply. If you want to know more about being poor just ask me I can tell you plenty.